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Graves in Grange Cemetery 

The Grange Cemetery contains 40 Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) memorials commemorating men who died in the U.K. and were buried here.  There are also numerous other family memorials in the cemetery remembering men who died during World War 1 and World War 2 and were buried elsewhere in the U.K. or abroad so are officially commemorated in one of the many cemeteries and memorials the CWGC has in its care.  

This list only includes the 40 official CWGC memorials in the Grange Cemetery.  Most of these are family memorials but a few graves are marked either by what is generally regarded as the traditional CWGC upright stone (Jude and Hastie) or by a recumbent stone (e.g. Ogg).  

The War Graves Walk which can be found elsewhere on the Grange Association web pages includes some of these official CWGC graves and a representative selection of other family memorials.  However, a number of family memorials in the Grange Cemetery record servicemen who are not included here or in that walk.  Perhaps one day they too can be researched and added to this website.

The information provided here comprises photographs of the memorial showing it in its location to make it easier to find and a close-up of the inscription; a transcript of the inscription; a summary of the information available on the CWGC website (https://www.cwgc.org/); and a summary of any further information which has been found about each of these men and their families..

If you want to know more about the history and work of the CWGC, its website has a useful section explaining how it was set up and the enormous amount of work carried out, particularly after WW1, to record the names and official information about those who died and are now commemorated in cemeteries all around the world. See  https://www.cwgc.org/find-records/about-our-records/  

The CWGC website also explains the criteria for commemoration by the CGWGC (https://www.cwgc.org/media/0awj5vti/policy-eligibility-criteria-for-commemoration_march21.pdf).  In particular it is worth noting that “active service” covers anyone who was either in full-time service in the armed forces or, if in part-time service in the armed forces, was on active duty when they died.  Importantly it also explains what can be somewhat confusing when it comes to the dates of death and who is, or is not, included.  References to serving in the First World War or Second World War covers service at any time during the official war periods – First World War: 4 August 1914 (the day of declaration of war by Great Britain) to 31 August 1921 inclusive;  Second World War: 3 September 1939 (the day of declaration of war by Great Britain) to 31 December 1947 inclusive.  Thus the end dates are not those when fighting ceased (November 1918 for WW1 and 1945 for WW2) but the dates the war period officially ended.  For WW1, 31 August 1921 is “the official end of war as per the Order in Council that declared the war ended, as required by the Termination of the Present War (Definition) Act”; and for WW2, 31 December 1947 is the date agreed by the participating governments to produce a post-war period roughly equal to that of the First World War.  Several of the men included here died in 1919-21 so are officially commemorated by the CWGC, whereas Leslie Aitchison Browne, for example, who appears in the War Graves Walk and died in 1922 as a result of his war service, is not.

If you have further information about any of the men listed here, please get in touch: cemetery@grangeassociation.com


Some more unusual or elusive records have been cited at the end of individual entries but the sources commonly used for family history research have not been listed individually.  These include:

Scotland’s People for births, marriages, deaths, the 1911 census (not available anywhere else), valuation lists and wills and inventories. 

Findmypast and Ancestry both have useful collections of military records as well as births, deaths, marriages, census records, etc. Ancestry’s collection of Wills includes the Calendar of Confirmations for Wills and Inventories for Scotland 1876-1936, which sometimes adds details not available in Scotland’s People’s index of these and also goes up to 1936, whereas the Scotland’s People on-line index ends in 1925.  Only the indexes have been checked for Wills and Valuations.

The Forces War Records website (https://www.forces-war-records.co.uk/) has useful information not only on the men who served but also on their regiments.

Newspapers are available on-line via either the British Newspaper Archive website or Findmypast.  More papers are constantly being added to this collection so it may be worth noting that this research was mostly carried out in October/November 2021.

No fewer than nine of the 30 WW1 graves in this list commemorate men who were educated at George Watson’s College and A Memorial Record of Watsonians Who Served in the Great War 1914-1918, edited by H.J. Finlay, published Edinburgh, 1920, is a particularly useful record including far more information than most such school records do.  George Watson’s memorial records for those who died in both World Wars and the Korean War are available on-line at  https://www.gwc.org.uk/about-us/heritage/watsons-war-records/

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Photographs – David Watson

Map – David Watson & Jenny Dawe

Text – Pat Storey

Grave       First Name    Surname
1Norman NicolsonMacKay
2David AymeryStewart
3Horatius BonarMacNicol
4John LawrenceWatson
5Donald MallochMcGregor
6Richard DrummondMaxwell 
7Patrick GrantThomson
8William MorisonCowan
10William ArchibaldAitken
11George VictorMuir
12Archibald JohnAdams
13William HughesGoldie
14Douglas MarshallStewart
15Harry Leslie BeehamAndrews
16Peter John StewartMcPhail
17George Douglas BishopLedingham
18John Hastie 
19Harry AlbertFairman
20Lennox GordonOgg
22Owen DouglasPrice
23Clarendon HydeCresswell
24Herbert John Stenhouse
27John WoodMacKay
30Charles Ingram Inglis
31James Patrick MacMaster
33Norman Ramsey Mitchell 
35Ronald MacDonaldBuncle
36John Forest MortonMillar
38Donald JohnMunro
39Robert MacKenzieBallantine
40John KennethMunro

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