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Grange Planning

    The Grange Association Committee met on 17 May 2021 and considered the proposal for a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) in the B1 area. Taking account of:

    the Committee decided not to support or to oppose the principle of a CPZ for the B1 area. Rather, the Committee encourages all members to participate in the current engagement by CEC to ensure all views are represented. The Association will wish to work with members and other residents, CEC, the Community Council and other stakeholders, once the engagement has concluded, to tailor the resulting proposals in line with the Association’s objectives and the interests of its members.


    You can record your general views on the proposals on the Council’s general survey form (which includes an option to leave a comment up to 255 characters) and any specific comments on the detailed proposals for the B1 area on the interactive map which lets you drop a pin on a specific proposed parking bay or yellow line to leave a comment or suggestion (up to 255 characters).


    The engagement closes on 30 May 2021.