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    CEC has an online consultation open until 22 December 2022.  This invites comments about its proposed amendments to the Guidance for Businesses.  The current Guidance for Businesses is rather vague about the criteria by which applications for change of use to a Short Term Let (STL) would be assessed.


    “The change of use from a residential property to short term commercial visitor accommodation may require planning permission. In deciding whether this is the case, regard will be had to:
    • The character of the new use and of the wider area;
    • The size of the property;
    • The pattern of activity associated with the use including numbers of occupants, the period of
    use, issues of noise, disturbance and parking demand; and
    • The nature and character of any services provided.”


    The proposed amendments are much clearer and include:


    “Where the location is mixed in character (residential /commercial) regard will be had to those residential properties nearby and therefore there is a presumption against granting planning permission.
    Where the street has a quiet nature or low ambient noise levels (particularly at night-time), STL will not generally be supported


    Where the area is wholly residential, it is unlikely that short-term let proposals will be supported.”


    You can add your own comments to the Council’s consultation here.