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    Full planning permission application Dec-2017: 17/06025/AMC (withdrawn)

    The initial detailed proposal for the new modern house at 5B Hope Terrace was submitted in December 2017 but was withdrawn in June 2018. The application was for an “Approval of Matters specified in Conditions” (AMC) because it sought to satisfy the specific conditions set out in the PPP decision. The proposal was for a contemporary house facing Hope Terrace. The architects presented a detailed and well-considered design statement which included views of adjacent properties. The property opposite the site (10 Hope Terrace) was shown to be of a modern design relevant to the proposals. The proposals included this image of the proposed front (south) elevation and this visualisation of the proposed streetview. The Grange Association lodged an objection to the proposal, principally concerning the materials to be employed. Subsequently, however, modifications were made to the proposed design and further drawings were posted to the online portal in April, showing the elevations with and without trees. Nonetheless, the 2017 AMC application was withdrawn in June 2018.

    [14/9/2018 post transcribed from legacy GA forum]