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    Full planning permission application Aug-2018: 18/04514/AMC

    There was a revised AMC application, submitted on 16 August 2018, that has a new design statement emphasising certain features of the revised proposals. This gives indications of the discussions with planners in stating that it is “responding specifically to previous concerns regarding the materials originally proposed”. For the new proposals “it is the sandstone boundary walls that contain and define the site that have provided inspiration for the new design.

    “Our proposal is to extend the existing west boundary wall across the line of the new house, stepping it up to give it sufficient height and connecting it across to the boundary wall to the east. Openings forming doors and windows are incorporated into the wall that, effectively, forms the new ground floor elevation to the house on the [principal] elevation.

    “In complete contrast, the upper level section to the front is of light-weight construction and floats over the wall head extending towards the tree canopy in the front garden.

    “The juxtaposition of the heavy sandstone wall and light-weight floating canopy demonstrate a strong and simple idea that is aesthetically pleasing to the street.”

    The revised proposals include this visualisation of the streetview of the property and this elevation drawing of the wider streetscape, as well as this visualisation of the front (south) elevation.

    The sandstone cladding of the ground floor would be applied in horizontal open jointed courses. Every 600mm vertically the stone size is increased to create a horizontal band to emulate the horizontal coursing of villas around the site.

    The Grange Association is pleased to see that the applicants’ revised proposals incorporate a stone façade for the ground floor elevation and we applaud this element of the revised design.

    We have nonetheless lodged a further objection to this revised proposal, relating solely to the proposed first floor. We request that the applicants be asked to reconsider the solid-to-void ratio of the first floor front elevation and to amend the proposals accordingly. The latest proposals would present an overwhelming unbroken façade of glass to the front elevation extending over the entire width. We recognise the ambition of the applicants to create a bold modern home with light open living space but the current proposals would be a shocking contrast to the typical solid-to-void ratios of neighbouring properties, including the modern villas such as No. 10 opposite. The proposed property would not demonstrate any consistency with the villa form of the street. Although there would be screening by trees in the summer months, the internal lighting of the property would create a public screenshow that would be alien to the Conservation Area. The Grange Conservation Area Character Assessment (GCACA), in describing boundary walls and streetscape (page 23), refers to “the public face of the more secluded, private architecture behind.” The current proposals would be neither secluded nor private.

    We do not wish to frustrate the ambition of the applicants to create a modern inspiring villa on this site but we do request that this rare opportunity to build a property on such a precious site should be afforded the highest quality and care in architectural innovation that will allow the modern property to sit comfortably within the Conservation Area and with neighbouring properties.

    We request that the applicants be asked to reconsider the solid-to-void ratio of the first floor front elevation and to amend the proposals accordingly.

    [14/9/2018 post transcribed and updated from legacy GA forum]