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    The application was approved on 15 October 2018. The handling report from the Council Planning Department included:

    “The envelope of the proposed dwellinghouse will sit within the established building lines of adjacent neighbouring properties on Hope Terrace and the layout of the development will largely be in-keeping with the spatial pattern of the area. Whilst the proposed two storey is consistent with the eaves height of the adjacent properties, the absence of an attic level and traditional roof ensures that the design and massing of the proposed development will not form as an overwhelming or dominating addition to the character and appearance of the street. In addition, the proposed glazed box on the first floor will read as a light weight structure, providing a fresh [contrast] with the solid stone walling on the ground floor.

    “On the south side of Hope Terrace is a three storey, contemporary flat roofed residential development with sawn sandstone and zinc cladding. The street however, is overwhelmingly traditional in character with variations to its sandstone colours and detailing throughout. The ground floor front elevation is to utilise a light brown sandstone walling with recessed pointing thus providing a modern twist. The sandstone will be horizontally coursed and, slightly larger stone bands will be introduced at 600mm centres. This is to subtly give the walls a horizontal emphasis as per the stones on the surrounding buildings. In these circumstances, the elevational treatment to the front is respectful of its surroundings. The distinctiveness of the design and stone detailing will not have a detrimental impact on the character and appearance of the conservation area.

    The proposed handmade Chetham Grey brick for the sides and rear of the new dwellinghouse will be coloured to match the front elevation sandstone. The use of brick on these elevation will not be detrimental to the appearance of the conservation area. In addition, whilst brick is not part of the traditional character of the conservation area, its use in this modern context is acceptable given the size of the development. The overall impact on the character and appearance of the conservation area will be limited.”

    [15/10/2018 post transcribed from legacy GA forum]