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    [14/6/2022 post transcribed from legacy GA forum]

    A further new application has been submitted for planning permission at 24 Mansionhouse Road EH9 2JD. This latest proposal concerns the planned rearward extension of the garage to form a home office. The original application for that work was granted in April 2022, after we had submitted these comments in the light of the concerns that some members raised with us. Items 2 and 3 of our comments were addressed in subsequent amendments.

    The latest proposals are described as “Extension to garage to form home office”. The drawings showing the proposals can be viewed on the Council’s planning portal with reference 22/02711/FUL. It is not immediately apparent how these proposals differ from those already granted as 21/06558/FUL.

    The closing date for public comments to the Council on these latest applications is 8 July 2022.