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    Crossing at Cumin Place and Tantallon Place

    The plans for this crossing have finally progressed from the first stage of consultation to being “advertised orders”.  They have been split into two separate TROs:

    The latest version of the ’tiles’ (the detailed maps of each area, showing the precise position of permit parking bays, yellow lines etc.) in TRO/21/17A does not appear to be materially different from that in the original TRO/21/17.

    TRO/21/17B, however, now includes a ‘No Right Turn’ for motor traffic when exiting southbound from Tantallon Place onto Grange Road.  In all other respects, southbound motor traffic is unrestricted.  As with the original proposals in TRO/21/17, northbound motor traffic will not be permitted to exit Cumin Place nor to enter Tantallon Place.

    The details of these advertised TROs are accessible on the Roads & Pavements page of our website, by clicking on the TROs tile and then scrolling down to TRO/21/17A and TRO/21/17B and clicking to select the documents from the sub-menus there.

    The two orders appear on the Council’s website for Advertised Orders, which notes that they will be open for public comments until 10 February 2023.