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Mike L

    These first appeared last year when the road works were in progress at the junction of Pitsligo Road and Newbattle Terrace. I assumed at the time that the aim was to restrict traffic in Clinton Road road to avoid congestion near the road works.

    At the time, the No Entry signs were frequently ignored, probably because they were accompanied by another pair of signs saying Local Access Only. Clearly, you can’t stipulate No Entry while also allowing local traffic.

    At present, there is resurfacing taking place near the above-mentioned junction, which might explain why the No Entry signs have re-appeared. This time, the Local Access Only signs are not present. (At least, that was the case yesterday when I walked past.)

    Whatever the explanation, the new signs are clearly temporary. I suspect they will be removed as soon as the resurfacing work has finished. (But don’t hold me to that.)