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    I have heard that there should be enough room for 2 double deckers to pass anywhere on a bus route.  Should that not apply here?

    The crossing at Lauder Road is very rarely used by cyclists largely because the sight lines are so poor. Rather than use the crossing they prefer to go to the very edge of the road & cycle across when it is clear.  Indeed it is very difficult to work out where vehicles should stop when turning when the pedestrian crossing is in operation.  Has there been a census to see if it is at all effective?  Has anyone checked if it is cost effective??  Why was there no drain installed at what is the summit of a low hill??

    There is a very serious hole in the road surface near the (blocked) drain at the top of Tantallon Pl.  I hope it will be dealt with thoroughly whatever happens with the crossing.  When this drain/gulley is blocked (most of the time) in periods of heavy rain the water shoots down the hill gathering rubbish to block further gulleys.

    WHY WHY WHY is this at all necessary?