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    The initial results of the consultants’ review had been reported to the Transport and Environment Committee (TEC) at its meeting on 12 September 2019, with this report.  The recommendations were accepted, as recorded at page 11 in the minutes of the 12 Sep 2019 meeting.

    Following the informal consultation or ‘engagement exercise’, the fuller analysis of the responses to the engagement exercise was finally reported to the TEC at the meeting on 8 December 2022.  This is the public reports pack and the section on controlled parking in the B1 area starts at page 191.  The meeting was made available as a webcast and can be viewed with this link.  The relevant items start from 3h 20min into the meeting.  The meeting agreed the motion which accepted the recommendations in the report including:

    1.1 It is recommended that Transport and Environment Committee:


    1.1.3 Having considered the contents of Appendices 1 and 2, in conjunction with the findings contained in Appendix 3, agrees to: Commence the statutory process to introduce controlled parking into the following areas: B1, B3, B4, B5 and Fettes, as is detailed in this report;

    The details of the discussion and the voting on proposed amendments is recorded in the minutes of the 8 Dec 2022 meeting (from page 9).

    The motion was modified by line 3 of the LibDem amendment, which adds further areas for ‘monitoring’ to check for the effects of displacement of parking into other areas. No other amendments were agreed.


    This means that the Council officers will proceed with drafting up the TROs for issue for formal consultation in the usual way.  We monitor all TRO proposals and post them on the Roads page on our website and we will update this thread, to alert those who are subscribing to it, once a TRO is issued for comment. When this B1 TRO appears it will also be publicised on our website with the dates for comments to be submitted.  That will be the formal consultation period.  The exercise that was reported on at this TEC meeting was the ‘informal consultation’ or ‘engagement exercise’.

    We would expect the TRO to be issued for comment in the late spring or summer of 2023, with a view to implementation in 2024.