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    It is definitely a step backwards. there is now no bus going to George IV bridge and to the centre of Princes Street. The withdrawal of the 42 service was a real loss but as long as the 41 was there it was possible to get to the Central Library, the National Library, The Upper reaches of the Royal Mile without too much difficulty. From the centre of The Grange the only bus now serving the c entre of Princes Street and the New Town is the 24. There are a lot of elderly people and people with mobility problems in the area who have difficulty walking through to Minto Street or up to Newington especially in winter who are going to have great difficulty getting to the parts of town  where historically it has been easy to access.Why do we have both the 12 and the 24 going to Tollcross and Lothian Road? It can’t be for more access to the theatres and the Usher Hall as the 12 doesn’t run in the evening.