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Grange Planning

    The applications 22/06425/LBC and 23/00044/FUL, concerning the proposed attic alterations and new second floor dormer with ledge, were both refused on 1 June 2023.

    In refusing planning permission (23/00044/FUL) the Case Officer noted:

    The dormer roof ledge detail will provide a potential balcony area which will cause loss of neighbouring amenity.¬† Although properties are already overlooked by windows, the French window with a ledge detail has the potential for a balcony and would formalise this feature. The agent’s suggestion of a condition to ensure this is not used as a terrace is not a reasonable condition.

    In refusing Listed Building Consent (22/06425/LBC) the Case Officer noted:

    …. the balcony ledge detail would have a detrimental impact on the traditional character and appearance of the listed building’s roof and fails to preserve or enhance the special architectural character of the listed building and its setting, and contradicts HES and Council guidance.” …. “The impact of the flat roof area would be an incongruous addition to a traditional slate roof form which contributes to both the house’s historic character and appearance and wider appearance of the conservation area.

    The applicant has three months, until 31 August 2023, to lodge requests with the Council’s Local Review Body (LRB) for a review of the refusal of planning permission, and with the Scottish Government’s Department for Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA) to appeal the refusal of Listed Building Consent.

    Separately, the application 22/06428/FUL, concerning the proposed gym extension to the garage and the glazed link to the main house, was granted planning permission on 29 May 2023. The corresponding application for Listed Building Consent for the attachment of the glazed link to the main villa, 23/02134/LBC, remains pending a decision.