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    LBC refused for changes to balcony windows

    Application 23/02663/LBC has been refused. The proposed changes included the removal of the original windows to the balconies of the side wings and replacement with modern windows, because the original stone surrounds to the windows have been found to be badly damaged.  The windows were hidden from view by the hospital’s functional but unsympathetic extensions to the balconies, as seen in this 2010 streetview, with the East wing’s original balconies encased in a modern extension to the front, which is being removed.

    In stripping out the interior of the building, the developers have identified damage to the original stone window mullions caused during the hospital’s alterations to the building. They therefore proposed to remove these windows and replace them with modern alternatives.  The application included these photos from the worksite, showing the damaged second floor window to the East balcony from (the original) outside of the building and from the inside.

    However, the Council’s planners have refused the application for changes to this B-listed building, which means that the developers will have to repair the original windows to restore them to their original condition. In refusing the application, the Case Office wrote:

    “The existing stone window surrounds to the projecting wings (although currently internal) are an important part of the original fabric and design. From the internal view the loss of these features would represent a substantial loss of character. Externally, although these features are/were covered by the later outer additions, the removal of these were part of the agreed works and the re-exposure of the ornate windows was part of the expected overall conservation gain in the major conversion of the building as a whole. The removal of these features would represent a dilution of character.

    “Moreover [….the] replacement of these original features with simple modern glazed openings  of rectangular form would represent a substantial loss of character and is unacceptable for this reason.”

    The developer has until 20 November 2023 to lodge an appeal against this decision.


    A new application 23/03926/LBC was submitted on 25 August 2023, repeating the application for Listed Building Consent for replacement of the roof and changes to other windows and doors, but omitting the proposed new windows on the balconies, which had been the reason for the refusal and which will be the subject of a separate revised application later.