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B Hosie

    I am pleased that the Council is reviewing the Whitehouse Loan and Clinton Road location and the Braids Estate location in this Quiet Route.  As a Grange resident I am regularly affected by the impact pof the changes introduced some 3 years ago.

    Whitehouse Loan and Clinton Road

    I favour option 1 a.  Both Whitehouse Loan and Clinton Road were already quiet and the opening of Whitehouse Loan to southbound traffic will make a small but appreciated contributon to easing presure on Strathearn Road.  Note that the existing road blocks outside the school on the northern part of Whitehouse Loan will greatly limit the impact of this change and that is probably welcome.   Most traffic using Clinton Road is for local access.  There is no need to inflict ugly Modal Filters on the residents who will only end up driving round already busy roads when using their cars.

    Braid Estate

    The Modal Filters in the Braid Estate are particularly ugly and gather a lot of litter and other debris adding to the eyesore.  When my late mother was a resudent of the Cluny Lodge Care Home these filters caused a lot of problems for taxi drivers who ended up driving around the estate trying to access the front door.  In light of this experience I prefer option 3.  That said, I would be happy to see the Modal Filter retained at the Draid Road – Hermitage Drive junction if it could be smartened up and we avoided the need to introduce measures to improve safety for cyclists at an unstated number of junctions.