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    You are incorrect to say that most traffic using Clinton Road is for local access. The closure of Whitehouse Loan has diverted traffic and Clinton Road is now a rat-run for traffic going east-west.
    Options 1 and 1a would remove all parking from Clinton Road. Not only would this inconvenience residents but it would exacerbate rat-running and increase the already substantial amount of speeding.
    The Whitehouse Loan Group has proposed an Option 3 which includes:
    ·      Enhanced safety features at the Whitehouse Loan/Strathearn Road junction including a    raised table across the junction (similar to Lauder Road), improved lights and limited egress to north and west only from Whitehouse Loan.
    ·      A cycle lane in Whitehouse Loan.
    ·      Traffic-calming measures (eg speed tables/bumps) in Clinton Road but no modal filter.