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Grange Planning

    There is now a new planning application 23/06475/FUL for this site. The documents lodged with the application relate only to modifications to the planning permission already granted as 22/06107/FUL in May 2023. They do not provide a full set of documents, such as a North elevation, or a full site plan.

    The changes from the previous application are:

    • enlargement of the ground floor plant room;
    • adding two external flues on the West wall, instead of a chimney to the roof;
    • alteration to the stairwell window;
    • alteration to the window on the rear elevation; and
    • increasing the number of solar PV panels on the roof from five to ten, all inclined to the horizontal.

    Comments can be submitted to the Council’s planning team until 8 December 2023.

    The revised street elevation, with the new flues to the West side, and the solar panels on the roof is shown as below:

    5B Hope Terrace - Street elevation


    This is broadly similar to the elevation already approved in 22/06107/FUL:

    5B Hope Terrace EH9 2AP - Visualisation of street elevation