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      City of Edinburgh Council has launched a consultation on the challenges of upgrading and maintaining listed buildings and other properties in conservation areas in response to the need to improve energy efficiency and reduce the carbon footprint of the buildings.  It has written:

      “Edinburgh has set an ambitious target for the city to be net zero by 2030. An important part of achieving this target is for all homes to be well-insulated and energy efficient. However, it is recognised that people who own listed buildings or own property within conservation areas face additional and unique challenges to adapt their properties to make them more sustainable for the future. The current cost of living crisis is also contributing to these challenges by affecting many residents’ ability to afford essentials such as heating, food, rent or transport.

      “We are asking for the views of people who own listed buildings or properties in conservation areas on the challenges they face when trying to maintain, repair and adapt their historic homes in response to climate change and the cost of living crisis.

      “A ten-week online consultation relating to these challenges will begin on Friday, 31 March. Feedback from the consultation will be considered by a short-term working group being established to discuss these challenges as well as any possible solutions. It will look at what can be done in the short and longer term and how any changes to planning guidance might adversely impact our built heritage.  

      “The consultation is available at“.

      If you are responding to the Council’s consultation, please also add some comments below to share your ideas with others in the Grange.  (Note that this consultation is specifically about changes that may be required to planning guidance, to enable improvements to be made to old buildings, rather than new ideas for carbon reduction in general.

      For more general ideas, please add these to comments in our ‘Energy conservation and generation‘ forum.)

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