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      The council has now announced options/consultation for the Greenbank – Meadows route, including Whitehouse Loan and Clinton Road.

      Council officers will hold a drop-in session to explain the proposals in Morningside Library on Tuesday 12 September from 1.30pm to 7.00pm.

      You can see and comment on the options at

      Whitehouse Loan is to remain closed at James Gillespie’s Primary School.

      Two options would remove parking from Clinton Road and turn it, Blackford Road, Hope Terrace and Whitehouse Loan into an officially approved east-west rat-run and one of these options would reintroduce southbound, but not northbound, traffic into Whitehouse Loan from Strathearn Road.

      Two options would place a modal filter (ie block vehicles) at the Clinton Road / Churchhill junction and one of these options would reintroduce southbound, but not northbound, traffic into Whitehouse Loan from Strathearn Road.

      Only modal filters at Whitehouse Loan and Clinton Road / Churchhill would protect Blackford and Clinton Roads, Hope Terrace and Whitehouse Loan from becoming rat-runs.

      Grange Planning

        More information about the consultation on the Greenbank to Meadows Quiet Route is in this thread in the Roads & Pavements section of this forum.

        Mike L

          Thanks for posting this, Clint. I hadn’t heard about the consultation event at Morningside Library. I will certainly try to get along to it.

          I must say I was puzzled by your suggestion that two of the options would create “an officially approved east-west rat-run”. Having studied the proposals, I can’t see any basis for that. However, I will keep an open mind.

          As a resident of one of the east-west roads that you mentioned, I have to say that the closure of Whitehouse Loan at Strathearn Road has been a very definite improvement. At least, that’s been my experience.




            Thanks for your comment.

            Clinton Road currently has metered parking along its south side. This narrows the street and acts to reduce the flow and speed of traffic. Removing the parking would remove the restriction and make Clinton Road, and by extension Blackford Road, a more attractive east-west rat-run.

            Look again at the diagrams for Options 1 and 1a: Blackford Road, Clinton Road and the intervening section of Whitehouse Loan are marked green and the annotation says that this is a ‘secondary traffic route’. This is not the case for Options 2 and 2a: the modal filters would substantially reduce through traffic.


              If Blackford Road does become a more attractive east-west rat-run, I think we’ll see more accidents at the Kilgraston Road / Blackford Road / Dick Place junction. We’ve already had at least three fairly serious accidents there.

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