Parking Poles

Lets have a further blitz and get the remaining unnecessary parking poles removed!

The Grange Association is continuing its campaign to have unnecessary parking poles removed from the pavement. They spoil the appearance of the street and the kerb-appeal of houses and are a hazard for the partially sighted, for wheelchairs, pushchairs and even couples walking side by side.

The Council is willing to remove poles and reposition parking signs on walls or railings but needs to have the consent of the owner of the property/wall. In most cases, the sign can be moved onto the wall behind the present pole, provided it can be normally at least 1 metre from the ground.

If the pole is in front of a very low section of wall, it may be possible to put the sign on an adjacent section of higher wall but there must be at least one parking sign for each marked section of parking spaces.

Is there is a parking pole outside/near your house which you would like to see removed? If so, please either complete the online form below and click “submit”, or click here to download a printable form.

If the pole is to be moved to a neighbour’s wall, please ask the owner of that property to complete the form.

The forms will go to the Grange Association committee. We shall collect them together and pass them on to the Council.

Because of Covid-19 there will be a delay before poles are removed.