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We very much regret that the continued uncertainty of the Covid situation means we have decided to continue to deliver this series via Zoom in January, February and March. The links for access to these meetings will be published in due course.

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October 19th


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The Lost Songs of St Kilda

From St Kilda to an Edinburgh care home and back again

Come and hear how these songs were saved from oblivion

Stuart McKenzie
(IT Volunteer)

November 16th

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N.B. Scroll to very bottom of page: "Face to Face: photographs of asylum patients in the 1890s"

Note: Short silence at 37mins 52 secs; wait for restart.

Face to Face: stories from the asylum

Understanding mental
ill-health and its social context in the 1890s

Rab Houston
(Professor Emeritus of History, University of St Andrews)

December 14th

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A singer's life

Some insights into the life
of a professional opera singer

Brian Bannatyne-Scott
(International opera singer)


January 18th

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The Fresh Air
of the Summer Morning

The story of long-time Grange resident, the Edinburgh herbalist Duncan Napier

Eric Melvin

(Retired Head Teacher of Currie Community High School, & local historian)

February 15th

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Learning languages
as an adult

How far can you go,
and does age matter?

Antonella Sorace

(University of Edinburgh
and Bilingualism Matters)

March 15th

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Planting wildflower meadows for urban pollinators

Why urban pollinators matter, and how to design native wildflower seed mixes that best support them.

Graham Stone

(University of Edinburgh)

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