Tree work notifications 2022

The table below shows all notifications of work on trees in the Grange Conservation Area (TCO) and applications for work on trees that are subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) anywhere in the Grange Association area, for which the initial application was made in 2022. TCO applicants are required to give six weeks’ notice of works, during which time the Council can decide to make a TPO. In the absence of a response before the TCO determination deadline, the works may proceed thereafter. More information about the application process is available from our planning guidance page.

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Application validated Status

‘Decision issued’
‘TCO determination deadline’
GA Action
22/00685/TCO Lilac shrub-tree – Removal of overgrown shrub/tree []. 44 Sciennes Road EH9 1NS 14 Feb 2022 Not make a TPO 21 Feb 2022
22/01012/TCO 2 X Overgrown mature Sycamore Trees by south wall: Remove the trees along the South wall;
2 X Overgrown mature Lime Trees by south wall: Remove the trees along the South wall;

2 X Arizona Cypress trees by east side wall: Remove the trees;
Lime trees by South east side wall: Crown lift above building to give 3m clearance;
2 X matured Apple Trees: Remove the trees;
Cherry tree: Remove topped Cherry tree.
10 Chalmers Crescent EH9 1TS 02 Mar 2022 Not make a TPO 07 Apr 2022
22/00070/TCO Three Lawson Cypress. H 7m, S 4m, DBH 22cm, 9cm and 29cm. Growing as a cohort – remove the trees to ground level and grind out the stumps. Leylandii overhanging from neighbouring garden. Height 13m, spread 8m, DBH 4 x 15cm – reduce the overhang as much as possible without leaving bare. Reduce height by circa 2m. 13 Chalmers Crescent EH9 1TS 10 Jan 2022 Not make a TPO 13 Jan 2022
22/00503/TCO Sycamore in rear garden – remove as in poor health. 19 Mansionhouse Road EH9 1TZ 04 Feb 2022 Not make a TPO 23 Feb 2022
22/00965/TCO [Two lime trees to North (front) of property on Grange Road] T1 T2 – Remove epicormic growth up to 6m; remove deadwood;
[One lime tree to South (rear) on driveway from Findhorn Place: “Removal as tree is growing very close to neighbour’s property and is starting to damage stone wall. Client is also planning to renovate and re-surface the drive.”] T3 – Fell the tree.
10 Grange Road EH9 1UH 28 Feb 2022 Withdrawn 14 Mar 2022 CEC email
22/01382/TCO Leylandi – two large Leylandi need to be felled and removed.
Yew – a group of large Yew trees need crown lifting by 2-3m and reducing the sides to retain shape.
25 Hope Terrace EH9 2AP 25 Mar 2022 Not make a TPO 28 Mar 2022
22/00682/TCO Mature birch at drive – reduce by 1-2m as risking limb failure. Cherry at garage – reduce and thin cherry at garage [~1m], multi stem birch to NW of house – [~1m] front top removed. 18 Hope Terrace EH9 2AR 14 Feb 2022 Not make a TPO 18 Feb 2022
22/00149/TCO Large sycamore tree – Removal of sycamore tree and replacement with a small to mid size specimen. 6 Blackford Road EH9 2DS 17 Jan 2022 Make a TPO 24 Feb 2022
22/00089/TCO Young multi-stemmed Sycamore, estimated to be 25-30 years old – Remove two of the six main stems and also remove some lower branches from remaining stems. 26 Grange Crescent EH9 2EH 11 Jan 2022 Not make a TPO 18 Jan 2022
  • T0014 Beech – deadwood and limb removal.
  • T0016 Beech – limb removal.
  • T0017 Horse Chestnut – crown reduce from adjacent buildings.
  • T0383 Horse Chestnut – crown reduce by 3m from building.
  • T0010 Cedar – crown lift to 3m.
  • T0011 Cedar – deadwood.
  • T0012 Pine – deadwood.
  • T0015 Sycamore – limb removal.
Woodland Adjacent To 145 – 157 Grange Loan EH9 2HA 13 Apr 2022 Awaiting Assessment
22/00553/TCO [4 x Silver birch – reduce] crown by approx 25%. 20 South Oswald Road EH9 2HG 07 Feb 2022 Not make a TPO 17 Feb 2022
22/01044/TCO Lime at north west corner of house: Check all branch unions for stability; Remove large diameter [deadwood]; Remove/shorten branches to give at least 2m clearance from house.
Horse Chestnut on north boundary: Remove major deadwood & check all branch unions for stability.
36 South Oswald Road EH9 2HG 03 Mar 2022 Not make a TPO 11 Mar 2022
22/02621/TCO Ash – Removal. 12 Oswald Road EH9 2HJ 16 May 2022 Permission is not required 18 May 2022
22/00580/TCO Cherry Tree – Removal due to disease. 19 South Oswald Road EH9 2HQ 08 Feb 2022 Not make a TPO 21 Feb 2022
22/00162/TCO [Prunus serrula] – Tree is dead and to be felled and stump removed. Chamaecyparis lawsoniana – Tree is dead and to be felled and stump removed. Lemon Cypress – To be moved into place of Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 4 Mortonhall Road EH9 2HW 17 Jan 2022 Not make a TPO 03 Feb 2022
22/00809/TCO Weeping willow and Photinia serratifolia. [Application from neighbour at 39 Dick Place to “prune back in line with boundary wall leaving the trees in a good shape”.] 41 Dick Place EH9 2JA 21 Feb 2022 Not make a TPO 23 Mar 2022 Email
22/02437/TCO Deodar Cedar – [Remedial work following storm damage] 45 Dick Place EH9 2JA 09 May 2022 Not make a TPO 11 May 2022
22/00989/TCO Beech on south boundary in rear garden: Reduce back spread towards neighbour’s house by approx. 2m; Remove major deadwood; Reduce back spread over lawn & house by approx. 3m to suitable laterals.
Cherry at rear right hand corner in rear garden: Crown lift to 3m over garden and reduce back spread towards house by 2m.
27 Mansionhouse Road EH9 2JD 01 Mar 2022 Not make a TPO 10 Mar 2022
22/01283/TCO Willow tree in [south-] east corner of the property: Removal of the tree and stump ground as it is dead / dying / diseased. 19 Lauder Road EH9 2JG 16 Mar 2022 Not make a TPO 24 Mar 2022
22/00953/TCO Cypress by conservatory in rear garden – Crown lift on house side to above gutter height;
Deodar Cedar in middle of right hand boundary in rear garden – Crown lift to 5m over neighbour’s garden;
Tibetan Cherry in rear garden – Sever ivy, trim cut stubs and crown lift to 4m.
29 Lauder Road EH9 2JG 28 Feb 2022 Not make a TPO 09 Mar 2022
22/00990/TCO Deodar Cedar at NW corner of rear garden near house: Reduce height to previous topping cuts; Rebalance & shape tree.
Scots Pine on south boundary: Remove.
12 Seton Place EH9 2JT 01 Mar 2022 Not make a TPO 10 Mar 2022
22/00178/TCO Large Lime on rear right hand corner overhanging neighbouring garden and telephone lines – remove – has Kretzschmaria Deusta at base. 1 small Flowering Crab-Apple and 1 small dead Rowan (with growing root sucker) between Birch and Holly – remove. Beech, Atlantic Cedar and Holly overhanging neighbour’s garden. Remove major deadwood from Cedar – reduce back spread of these 3 trees over neighbour’s garden by approx 2m. 51 Fountainhall Road EH9 2LH 18 Jan 2022 Not make a TPO 10 Feb 2022
22/02137/TCO One medium eucalyptus tree with a severe lean towards house: Remove to ground level;
One large lime tree approx 17 metres, showing signs of decline in the upper crown: Reduce approx 3 metres in height back to sound wood.
57 Fountainhall Road EH9 2LH 25 Apr 2022 Not make a TPO 29 Apr 2022
22/00892/TCO [Leyland Cypress x 4: Dismantle and remove.] Mature Horse Chestnut – prune to give 1m clearance to [telecoms line]. 65 Fountainhall Road EH9 2LH 24 Feb 2022 Not make a TPO 09 Mar 2022
22/01173/TCO Large copper beech tree approx 22 metres, on western boundary, growing over neighbour’s house: Prune to allow a 3m clearance to adjacent buildings and to crown lift to allow a clearance of 4m above the ground by removing smaller branches only;
Small oak tree approx 10 metres, wide crown with very long branches: Reduce three overextended branches to balance crown;
Old apple tree in decline approx 8 metres: Remove to ground level;
Small leylandii approx 8 metres growing through beech tree: Remove to ground level.
62 Fountainhall Road EH9 2LP 10 Mar 2022 Not make a TPO 23 Mar 2022
22/01219/TCO Beech trees – reduce and shape by 25%; Sycamore – reduce and shape by 30%. 10 St Thomas Road EH9 2LQ 21 Mar 2022 Withdrawn 29 Apr 2022
22/01247/TCO Betula pendula: Crown lift tree to 3-3.5m above the ground and to prune to clear buildings by 2m;
Fraxinus Excelsior: Crown reduction of approx 1.5-2m and 20% thin.
GF 34 Fountainhall Road EH9 2LW 16 Mar 2022 Not make a TPO 30 Mar 2022
22/01560/TCO Mature Limes on left hand boundary in front garden: Reduce crown height by approx 30%;
6 Limes on left hand boundary in rear garden: Re pollard to the uppermost pollard heads
1 Dalrymple Crescent EH9 2NU 28 Mar 2022 Not make a TPO 07 Apr 2022
22/00636/TCO Mature Cherry Tree: reduce height by 2-3m and width by 5m. 6 Dalrymple Crescent EH9 2NU 14 Feb 2022 Not make a TPO 24 Feb 2022
22/01047/TCO T1 Weeping Elm: crown lift 3m over pavement and lawn and 5m over road and to reduce back from streetlight;
T2 Purple Leaved Plum: crown lift and reduce by 2.5m.
2 St Alban’s Road EH9 2PA 03 Mar 2022 Not make a TPO 15 Mar 2022
22/00576/TCO Copper Beech tree directly opposite main vehicle entrance to development – remove tree. 6 Esdaile Bank EH9 2PN 09 Feb 2022 Permission is not required 18 Mar 2022 Email
22/02522/TCO T0351 Horse Chestnut Tree – Removal. 1 Esdaile Park EH9 2PS 11 May 2022 Awaiting Assessment 21 Jun 2022
22/00101/TCO Mature Cherry tree approx 17m in decline, leaning towards house – remove to ground level. Early mature Lawson Cypress approx 18m, by Canaan Lane boundary, starting to catch wind – reduce approx 3m in height 49 Canaan Lane EH10 4SG 11 Jan 2022 Not make a TPO 03 Feb 2022
22/01827/TPO Sweet Chestnut, with extensive basal decay around most of the base – Remove to ground level TPO-
51-63 Canaan Lane EH10 4SG 22 Apr 2022 Granted 09 May 2022

Last updated: 19/05/2022