Tree work notifications 2022

The table below shows all notifications of work on trees in the Grange Conservation Area (TCO) and applications for work on trees that are subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) anywhere in the Grange Association area, for which the initial application was made in 2022. TCO applicants are required to give six weeks’ notice of works, during which time the Council can decide to make a TPO. In the absence of a response before the TCO determination deadline, the works may proceed thereafter. More information about the application process is available from our planning guidance page.

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Application validated Status

‘Decision issued’
‘TCO determination deadline’
GA Action
22/00070/TCO Three Lawson Cypress. H 7m, S 4m, DBH 22cm, 9cm and 29cm. Growing as a cohort – remove the trees to ground level and grind out the stumps. Leylandii overhanging from neighbouring garden. Height 13m, spread 8m, DBH 4 x 15cm – reduce the overhang as much as possible without leaving bare. Reduce height by circa 2m. 13 Chalmers Crescent EH9 1TS 10 Jan 2022 Not make a TPO 13 Jan 2022
22/00149/TCO Large sycamore tree – Removal of sycamore tree and replacement with a small to mid size specimen. 6 Blackford Road EH9 2DS 17 Jan 2022 Awaiting Assessment 25 Feb 2022
22/00089/TCO Young multi-stemmed Sycamore, estimated to be 25-30 years old – Remove two of the six main stems and also remove some lower branches from remaining stems. 26 Grange Crescent EH9 2EH 11 Jan 2022 Awaiting Assessment 21 Feb 2022
22/00162/TCO [Prunus serrula] – Tree is dead and to be felled and stump removed. Chamaecyparis lawsoniana – Tree is dead and to be felled and stump removed. Lemon Cypress – To be moved into place of Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 4 Mortonhall Road EH9 2HW 17 Jan 2022 Awaiting Assessment 25 Feb 2022
22/00101/TCO Mature Cherry tree approx 17m in decline, leaning towards house – remove to ground level. Early mature Lawson Cypress approx 18m, by Canaan Lane boundary, starting to catch wind – reduce approx 3m in height 49 Canaan Lane EH10 4SG 11 Jan 2022 Awaiting Assessment 21 Feb 2022

Last updated: 18/01/2022