Doors Open Days 2022

Doors Open Days 2022 poster

Grange Cemetery is open for anyone to enjoy its tranquillity and history and to pick up leaflets on aspects of the cemetery. However, following a successful weekend as part of Doors Open 2021, we will be taking part in Doors Open 2022. On Saturday 24 September and Sunday 25 September from 12 noon to 5pm, volunteers will be around to speak to visitors and answer questions and there will be even more leaflets to help you enjoy your visit.

Self-guided walks. In addition to our usual self-guided walks to see two sets of Notable Burials, selected Trees and War Graves, we will have leaflets available covering a selection of Notable Graves, which will have posters beside the stone
with information and illustrations on the person or family commemorated; and a Commonwealth War Graves walk.

Grange Cemetery Catacombs

Catacombs. An exciting new opportunity this year is to have a short guided visit inside the usually locked chamber on the west side of the catacombs that contains the only 22 interments out of a capacity of 232.

Natural history. We have been trying to improve the biodiversity of the cemetery by planting bulbs, sowing a wild flower bed, putting in a “bee hotel” and boring narrow holes in tree stumps to encourage insect activity. See what you can find in the grounds.

Bee hotel
Restored monument restored privately

Monument restoration. Although the Community Payback Scheme Southside Graveyard Project is currently halted, there will be an updated leaflet on Monument Restoration. You will be able to see several examples of restored stones – including work on two groups of stones, carried out by a commercial stone-masonry company and funded by the Grange Association; and two family stones where restoration was funded by descendants.

Activity for younger people. Last year, the tree trail proved very popular with children. This year we will have a quiz sheet for children to test how well they can find certain features in the cemetery.