Roads and Pavements

Parking and signage

Check details of parking zones and bays in the Grange and report incorrectly parked vehicles

Leaf and snow clearing

See how to help clear autumn leaves and winter snow and ice from the Grange streets

Traffic Regulation Notices (TROs)
TRO_6x4.5 blueTap here, then on TRO below:

Short-term Temporary Traffic Regulation Notices (TTRN) for periods up to five days are not listed here but can be checked on the Council’s Roads Reports

View or comment on traffic orders (Council website)

Traffic Regulation Orders

TRO/18/81 – Grange Road crossings
– changes associated with parking and loading
TRO/21/14 – Parking restrictions: Oswald Road / Charterhall Road / Cluny Gardens
TRO/21/17 – Grange Road crossing at Tantallon Place & Cumin Place
TRO/21/18 – Lauder Road parking bay amendment
TRO/21/25 – Communal bins Zones S1 – S4
TRO/21/29 – Travelling safely (South)
TRO/21/31 – Newbattle Terrace
TRO/21/32 – Meadows to George Street

Redetermination Orders

RSO/18/17 – Grange Road crossings
– to allow pavements at the crossings to be shared use for pedestrians and cyclists

Temporary TROs

Check the details of recent and proposed Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) in the Grange

B1 Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) plans

Check the proposals to introduce Controlled Parking to the present B1 Priority Parking Area and the latest news on the plans

Grange Road crossings

See the plans for the three new crossings of Grange Road and associated road works

NEWS! – Plans for the crossing at Cumin Place & Tantallon Place have been released.
(Explanation under Latest News and full details under TRO/21/17 on the “TROs” tile above)

Report faults

Use these links to report faults with streetlights, road drains, pavements, litter bins, street signs and more