Talks 2022–23

This season has now finished. We do hope you have enjoyed the programme. We look forward to presenting the 2023-24 season later in the year. The first talk will take place on Tuesday 17th October. We hope to see you there. Meanwhile, watch this space!




October 18th

Scotland's Hidden Treasure

The story of the oldest Royal Regalia in Britain - hidden
not once, not twice,
three times,
in some remarkable places!

Kath Hay
Publishing support
& Guest speaker

November 15th

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An Edinburgh Suicide

A novel featuring figures from the Dusk of the Scottish Enlightenment: Hugh Miller, Thomas Chalmers, Thomas De Quincey, Christopher North, Robert Chambers, Gregor MacGregor and
Daniel Dunglas Home. 

Brian McLaughlin


December 20th

10 Quite Interesting Things about Human Intelligence

Some results from large-scale cognitive testing studies, taken from Ian's 2020 book

Ian Deary

University of Edinburgh


January 17th

The Language of Stones

Material Imagination and the Geology Study Centre near Siccar Point, E. Lothian

Dagmar Weston

Retired lecturer,

University of Edinburgh

February 21st

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Scotland 2070: Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Hillary Sillitto


March 21st

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Doors open 18.30

19.00   AGM

19.45   TALK

How to build a bee restaurant
in your garden:

Planting for pollinators
in small gardens

Graham Stone

Professor of Ecology,

University of Edinburgh

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