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      In February 2021, an application was submitted for “Change of use from a children’s hospital, to reinstating the villas back into use as residential dwellings. Contemporary extensions are proposed to both villas to expand and rationalise their layouts. A new single residential dwelling is also proposed to an open area to the east of the plot currently occupied by a tennis court.”  

      Betsy Willaimson, the applicant, contacted the Association prior to submission to advise of these proposals, for which we are grateful, and created a thread on the forum on our old website to explain the proposals.  This is a transcript of that thread. It contains links to this Design Statement showing the plans in detail.

      On 29 March 2021, GrangePlanning wrote:  “We are grateful to Betsy Williamson for engaging with the Grange Association concerning this application. As Betsy notes, there is a range of views about the proposals, but a number of members raised concerns with us about the proposals for the new house to be built on the former tennis court, as No. 16A. We have submitted this objection.”

      Beacuse of the large number of comments (27) on the application, it was determined by the Council’s Development Management Sub-Committee at its meeting on 8 September 2021, for which this report was presented.  The application was granted.

      In July 2022, applications were made for Non-Material Variations to the plans. These are described in this Design Statement.  The Variations were approved on 8 September 2022.





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      Grange Planning

        A further variation request has been submitted, for changes to the timber porch structure to the front of No 14 Hope Terrace.  The details are available at 21/00857/VAR3.

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