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      A planning application has been submitted  at 30 Mansionhouse Road EH9 2JD for the creation of a new two-storey house, 30B, within the grounds of the property.  The proposals are described as “Erect two-storey house including car port and driveway, rebuild wall with gates, new rear garden.”


      The property lies on the East side of Mansionhouse Road, between Dick Place and Grange Road, backing onto 26-28 Lauder Road. The existing building is a B listed villa in the Grange Conservation Area built in 1853.  It is one of a pair of semi-detached villas which share their listed building status. 30 Mansionhouse Road was extended to the north in 1900 with a matching two-storey bay. The building was then divided in 1945 into two flats, with No 30 becoming the upper flat and 30A the ground floor.  At the same time a garage was built for No 30 and a parking space provided for 30A.


      The proposal is now to build a new property, 30B, in place of the garage for No 30.   A new car port would be created over the parking space for 30A (to the left) with a sloping roof such that the elevation seen from Mansionhouse Road would be as shown below.  No 30 would lose all its off-street parking.


      Because none of the proposed works would be attached to any of the listed structures, Listed Building Consent is not required.

      (Source: CEC planning portal 22/05657/FUL)

      Details of the proposals are available from the Council’s planning portal at 22/05657/FUL.  There is an accompanying application 22/05656/CON for the demolition of the garage.   The closing date for comments on the proposals is 16 December 2022.


      Details of all planning applications in the Grange area are available from our pages here.


        Mansionhouse Road does not have any other newly-built houses or structures visible from the street. A new two-storey house squashed in between historic buildings, and next to a B-listed building, would seem rather out of place and certainly ruin the historic feel of the area.

        By all means, go ahead if wanting to ruin the beauty of the street; as this new structure would, in simple terms, look ugly.

        The solution would be to build the new house in a sympathetic style to the original building next door, and one storey so that it would be less visible from the street.

        Grange Planning

          The Association has submitted this objection to the application.

          Grange Planning

            The planning application 22/05657/FUL was withdrawn by the applicant’s agent on 13 January 2023.

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