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      There has been a series of planning applications that led to the granting of permission for a new house in a gap site at 42 Grange Road.  This was the subject of a thread on the Grange Association’s old website and a transcript of that thread is available here.  The applications culminated in a further variation application 21/04296/VARY, removing the proposed entrance to the existing upstairs flat at No 42. This facilitated the reunification of the ground floor and first floors at Nos 44 and 42 into a single villa (no 44), with the new property to the East forming a separate house in the gap site, now adopting the street address 42 Grange Road.  That variation application included a vehicle run-in, with a 3.5m entrance, to the West of the site, with the remainder of the frontage restored to soft landscaping.

      There is now a further variation application, 21/04296/VAR3.  This seeks to retain the original vehicle run-in opening and to pave over much of the frontage for parking, with ‘porous monobloc pavers’.

      The Grange Association has submitted this objection.

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