Anyone else unhappy with road surface replacement work?

Forums Roads & Pavements Anyone else unhappy with road surface replacement work?

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      I’m in St Albans Road – the new surface is shocking. Anyone else think this?

      It’s certainly inferior to e.g. Lauder Road’s (fair enough, large vehicles such as busses go down it, Dick Place and Dalrymple Crescent (hardly that …)

      It seems to have been done to a different standard, probably by a different contractor.

      The North side of St Albans Road, east end at least .. is in the conservation area, so it’s not that!


        Hmmm – thought someone might have agreed with me!

        Neil Robb

          I could be wrong, but St Albans seems to be a more course surface, is that right? Like the surface wasn’t perhaps rolled and sealed flat, like Grange Loan, Lauder Road, Dalrymple Crescent etc?


            It’s a far coarser surface, and a different method.

            Hear me out …

            Spoke to the workmen at the time, saying it was amazing how quickly they could do it. The one I spoke to said that the looses stone would bed down in a couple of days once vehicles went over them.

            That turns out to be true, but with cars parked either side and room for only one car going up the middle (and any car coming having to pull in to let it past) it only happened for the centre. There are two lines of compacted tarmac up the middle, like a farm track in look not feel.

            The rest will never compact.

            Having seen the other roads mentioned, I assumed they would be back for coat two.

            It is a cheaper job. It was laid in a day.

            Anyway – I’ve reported it


              You can report a road problem to the Council. The choices offered don’t exactly cover the situation, but there is a large enough text box to put your complaint in.

              I don’t imagine anyone wants to go through it again, but it is annoying.


                Yes. I am particularly unhappy about the (I think) two relatively recent resurfacing exercises done from the Avenue Stores up to and after the 5-way junction, which I think is of the same poor calibre.  As a cyclist regularly commuting from Blackford Avenue to West Mains Road I encounter a lot of loose stone in the road margins where cyclists are supposed to be and there is one spot at the junction where there is a considerable drift of loose stone, all of which I think carries danger to cyclists.  I emailed Councillor Flannery on 27/10/22 to find out if this was the final state – no reply.  I emailed again on 8/8/23 and the email bounced!


                  Highway Code rule 72:


                  Road positioning. When riding on the roads, there are two basic road positions you should adopt, depending on the situation.

                  Point 1:

                  Ride in the centre of your lane, to make yourself as clearly visible as possible, in the following situations

                  . on quiet roads or streets – if a faster vehicle comes up behind you, move to the left to enable them to overtake, if you can do so safely
                  . in slower-moving traffic – when the traffic around you starts to flow more freely, move over to the left if you can do so safely so that faster vehicles behind you can overtake
                  at the approach to junctions or road narrowings where it would be unsafe for drivers to overtake you

                  Point 2:

                  ”2) When riding on busy roads, with vehicles moving faster than you, allow them to overtake where it is safe to do so whilst keeping at least 0.5 metres away, and further where it is safer, from the kerb edge. Remember that traffic on most dual carriageways moves quickly. Take extra care crossing slip roads.”

                  My point here is that cyclists shouldn’t always be scuttling along the kerbside.


                    Just to clarify, Dalrymple Crescent has not been resurfaced and has potholes.

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