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      . If your vehicle has a catalytic convertor please consider the following: 

      ·  Park in a locked garage if possible. If not, in a well-lit and well-populated area.

      ·  Park close to fences / walls,  with the exhaust closest to the fence / wall to make theft more difficult.

      ·  Avoid parking half on the pavement as this may make it easier to access the ‘cat’.

      ·  Use low clearance vehicles to block access to high clearance vehicles. 

      ·  Forensically marking the ‘cat’ could help identify it if stolen and may deter thieves 

      ·  Fit a cat locking device designed to deter / prevent theft 

      ·  It may be possible to add a tilt sensor to the vehicle, designed to activate the alarm should the vehicle be jacked up. 

      ·  A driveway alarm could alert you if someone approaches your vehicle 

      Remember: If you see anyone acting suspiciously near to your property or vehicles please contact the police immediately with as detailed a description as possible of any person(s) or vehicle(s) involved. Please call ‘999’ if an emergency and urgent police assistance is required or 101 to report the matter to the police.


      For further assistance please email the preventions team


      PC Campbell

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      Samantha Campbell
      (Police Scotland, PC, E Div – Edinburgh City – Preventions Interventions and Partnerships)

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