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      “The City of Edinburgh Council has set up the £100,000 Edinburgh Community Climate Fund to help communities to develop ideas and projects aimed at making Edinburgh a greener city.

      The fund is there to support community projects to reduce household carbon emissions, encourage talk about climate change and support the city’s net zero effort.

      Local communities and groups will have the chance to have a direct say on how the money is spent.”

      This is a great initiative, and one the Grange Association could be participating in.

      The deadline for applications is 12 February 2023.

      “We’re inviting groups to apply for up to £20,000 for community projects that they can complete within 12 months, don’t duplicate a Council service and do one or more of the following:

      • create opportunities for community leadership and learning on climate change
      • reduce greenhouse gas emissions within communities and add to Edinburgh’s net-zero effort
      • are sustainable and help local people adapt to and build up resilience to climate change in their communities 
      • help form relationships between neighbourhoods of different backgrounds, cultures and economic means so they can work together on climate change and resilience activities. These should be open to all and help reduce or remove barriers for disabled people on the journey to net-zero.

      Ideas will then go to a public vote to decide which projects get funding.”

      This very neatly ties in with conversations we are having between some members of the committee. We’d love you to contribute your ideas on this thread, or by sending them to



        Four days until 12/2!

        B Hosie

          Many of the houses in the Grange Conservation Area have restrictions placed on permitted alterations and developments.  For example double glazing is not generally permitted although slimline double glazing can be installed.  I believe that solar panels can ony be placed on the roofs of some houses and some aspects.  It would be good for the community to know the cost in carbon (and £) of these restrictions and use the information to inform the debate on our response to meeting Net Zero targets.



            Great idea … why not flesh it out a little and submit something here, in time for the deadline?

            Participatory budgeting

            I’m sure the Grange Association – and members … would help you in time (there is only one day to go before the deadline).

            Also, we could ask some of the experts on here what they know about it. At the very least it would be useful, even if it did not get actual funding.

            And … at last we’d have an entry !!

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