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      We received this contact from a correspondent from rural Angus.  If you know anything about the people mentioned below, please add your comments in a post below.


      Good morning,

      I am the Curator of Glenesk Folk Museum, an independent museum in rural Angus, and am trying to trace the history of an object in our collections. The object in question is a Roman coin, which we found in an old envelope bearing our first Curator’s handwriting. This dates it from anywhere between around 1925 and 1985, as she would have finished training in the early 20s and died in 1985. The coin is in a handmade card envelope bearing a note that reads:

      “Coin which has been in Edinburgh being identified. As it may belong to someone who enquires about her possessions almost yearly, please keep it in a safe place. I think it originally belonged to the late Jimmie Nicol, & passed to his heirs. MFM” (MFM is Margaret Fairweather Michie, our Founder and first Curator)

      Adding to this search was the discovery of an envelope with the following note written on it:

      “This is the name + address of the lady who asks annually about her bits & pieces she heired from Jimmy Nicol. G”

      Below this note is the address: Mrs R. M. Lees, 61 Findhorn Place, Edinburgh, EH9 2PD

      This brings me to my contacting you today. I have so far been unable to identify Mrs Lees or Mr Nicol, but when searching for Findhorn [Place] I came across your organisation. Given your long-standing engagement with the Grange area and its residents, I wondered if you know of anyone by the name of Lees living in Findhorn Place, likely in the mid 20th century? As is usual of the time, R. M. may be her initials or those of her husband, which makes it harder to search for her!

      Any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated, and thank you for taking the time to help me with this.

      All the best,



        There’s this monument description in FindMyPast:

        First name(s)  Robert Malcolm
        Cemetery Grange Cemetery
        Last name Lees
        Place Edinburgh
        Birth year 1921
        County Midlothian
        Birth date ? ? 1921
        Country Scotland
        Age 65
        Record set
        Scotland Monumental Inscriptions
        Death year 1986
        Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records
        Death date 26 Jan 1986
        Subcategory Parish Burials
        Sacred to the memory of my eldest and dearly loved daughter, Mary Paterson Gray BRECHIN ‘ Daisy’, died 3 September 1897, aged 19; also my beloved wife Mary GRAY, born 28th November 1853, died at Belmont, Craigmillar Park, 14 December 1920; Malcolm BRECHIN, J . P . , died 22 June 1936, aged 85; their daughter, Nan Brechin WALLACE, died 10 December, 1960, aged 80; their grandson, Robert Malcolm LEES, died 26 January 1986, aged 65; his beloved wife Louise Johnston LEES died 21st July 2007 aged 88.


          Here’s their wedding (I think), and therefore her maiden name :

          1956 685 / 4 / 185 ST GILES


            Also found an entry in the Edinburgh South Polling records of Louise J and Robert M Lees from 1961-66 at 61 Findhorn Place.

            She should just appear in the 1921 census if anyone has access to that?


              1921 –  I do see her, against Morningside, but don’t have credit on my Scotland’s People account to look in detail. Anyway – she’s 2 at that point.

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