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    Grange Planning

      [From original post: 30 November 2018]

      1. New crossings on Grange Road

      The City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) is installing three new crossings on Grange Road. It has now issued the Traffic Orders that are necessary to implement the changes to the parking bays and shared use pavements associated with the new crossings. The Orders are available for review and comment until 31st December 2018.


      2. Background

      As part of CEC’s programme to improve pedestrian and cycle links across the city, the Council is delivering a package of improvements to the Quiet Route network for walking and cycling across the city. This includes Quiet Route 6, which is the signed cycle route from George Square to the King’s Buildings along Middle Meadow Walk, Argyle Place, Hatton Place, Lauder Road, Fountainhall Road and Mayfield Road. CEC notes that “the crossing of Grange Road is a key barrier which prevents the route meeting the required standard”. Upgrading this route will make it safer and more comfortable for pedestrians and cyclists crossing Grange Road for everyday local journeys and reaching key destinations.


      3. Roadway designs

      The designs can be viewed by clicking on the links below (drawings show the existing layout on the left; new layout on the right). CEC is introducing three new crossings on Grange Road (Beaufort Road) at:
      • Tantallon Place (toucan signalled crossing for cycles and pedestrians);
      • Lauder Road (toucan signalled crossing for cycles and pedestrians);
      • Lovers’ Loan (unsignalled zebra crossing for pedestrians).

      All three crossings will incorporate a raised table (‘cushion’) to provide a level crossing from the pavement and to calm traffic. The existing pelican crossing just west of Tantallon Place will be removed.

      In addition, improvements will be made to the surface and crossing points for Lovers’ Loan at:
      • Hatton Place
      • Dick Place
      • Grange Loan


      4. Traffic orders

      To implement the new designs, the necessary legal procedures are required to make changes to the Traffic Regulation Orders (click on “TROs” tile) for changes associated with parking and loading; as well as Redetermination Orders (click on “TROs” tile) which are required to allow pavements at the crossings to be shared use for pedestrians and cyclists. The Orders were available for review and comment until 31st December 2018.


      5. CEC Consultation

      CEC undertook a consultation on the proposals with a joint external workshop and public exhibition at Newington Library on 20 July 2016 and posted information on its consultation hub from 12 September to 14 October 2016 and leaflets were distributed to 314 households in September 2016. In December 2016, CEC produced a 70 page report on the consultation, including verbatim comments from all contributors. CEC concluded that “..the majority of consultees were generally supportive or strongly supportive of the proposals.” As a result of the consultation, the original proposals for an unsignalled (zebra) crossing at the Lauder Road / Grange Road junction were changed to a signalled (toucan) crossing.


      6. Grange residents’ discussion

      This forum is available for Grange residents to share their opinions and comments on all matters relating to the area. Please login and let us know your views on this and other developments in the area.

      Grange Planning

        [From original post: 5 September 2021]

        Crossing at Cumin Place and Tantallon Place


        The revised plans for the crossing of Grange Road at Cumin Place and Tantallon Place have been released. They involve the closure of the junction to northbound motor traffic to improve the crossing for cyclists and other road users.


        The new plans form TRO/21/17 which includes this full set of plans for the Grange Road crossings and this Statement of Reasons.


        This new TRO is in its first stage of consultation, for which comments must be submitted by 24 September 2021.

        Grange Planning

          Crossing at Cumin Place and Tantallon Place

          The plans for this crossing have finally progressed from the first stage of consultation to being “advertised orders”.  They have been split into two separate TROs:

          The latest version of the ’tiles’ (the detailed maps of each area, showing the precise position of permit parking bays, yellow lines etc.) in TRO/21/17A does not appear to be materially different from that in the original TRO/21/17.

          TRO/21/17B, however, now includes a ‘No Right Turn’ for motor traffic when exiting southbound from Tantallon Place onto Grange Road.  In all other respects, southbound motor traffic is unrestricted.  As with the original proposals in TRO/21/17, northbound motor traffic will not be permitted to exit Cumin Place nor to enter Tantallon Place.

          The details of these advertised TROs are accessible on the Roads & Pavements page of our website, by clicking on the TROs tile and then scrolling down to TRO/21/17A and TRO/21/17B and clicking to select the documents from the sub-menus there.

          The two orders appear on the Council’s website for Advertised Orders, which notes that they will be open for public comments until 10 February 2023.


            I have heard that there should be enough room for 2 double deckers to pass anywhere on a bus route.  Should that not apply here?

            The crossing at Lauder Road is very rarely used by cyclists largely because the sight lines are so poor. Rather than use the crossing they prefer to go to the very edge of the road & cycle across when it is clear.  Indeed it is very difficult to work out where vehicles should stop when turning when the pedestrian crossing is in operation.  Has there been a census to see if it is at all effective?  Has anyone checked if it is cost effective??  Why was there no drain installed at what is the summit of a low hill??

            There is a very serious hole in the road surface near the (blocked) drain at the top of Tantallon Pl.  I hope it will be dealt with thoroughly whatever happens with the crossing.  When this drain/gulley is blocked (most of the time) in periods of heavy rain the water shoots down the hill gathering rubbish to block further gulleys.

            WHY WHY WHY is this at all necessary?


              Mardy – thanks for giving your views!

              You can report a blocked gully here – and it does work. They do come and clear them.

              You can also report a pothole here. With this one you may get a reply saying they already know about it.


                Shuggie‘s comment from closed thread

                “We have lodged comments on this and would be happy to share thoughts with anyone also not keen on what’s planned. Whilst it’s very likely to go ahead ideally there may be scope to at least persuade the Council to make some modifications. One point we have made is the perilous state of the tarmac at the  new cycle junction at Lauder Road/ Grange Road when it’s icy, bad enough for a pedestrian to navigate, even worse for a cyclist. It’s one of several points we’ve raised which would likely increase the cost of installation.”

                Reply To: Grange Road crossings at Tantallon/Cumin Place now open for comments 

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