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    I didn’t know about this until the other day :

    “Royal Mail stamp Swap Out scheme explained: How to get the form to exchange old stamps and when they expire”


    Stamps are changing at the end of January 2023, and all stamps will be bar-coded ones.


    All standard stamps are being replaced. However, Royal Mail is not barcoding special issue stamps – which are created to commemorate a person or event – so these will remain valid and cannot be swapped.


    Christmas stamps also will remain valid, even without a barcode.


    I’m putting this up as a very early reminder and will repeat it over the months.


    In a bizarre move, you cannot exchange them at a Post Office, you have to send them away (albeit Freepost) to Royal Mail using this form. The PO explained that they are two separate companies – but surely … they could have come to an arrangement!?


    Anyway – I thought this was a useful reminder (don’t ask me any questions – I only know what I’ve seen in this article !).



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