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      I didn’t know about this until the other day :

      “Royal Mail stamp Swap Out scheme explained: How to get the form to exchange old stamps and when they expire”

      (see update in following post)

      Stamps are changing at the end of January 2023, and all stamps will be bar-coded ones.


      All standard stamps are being replaced. However, Royal Mail is not barcoding special issue stamps – which are created to commemorate a person or event – so these will remain valid and cannot be swapped.

      Christmas stamps also will remain valid, even without a barcode.

      Anyway – I thought this was a useful reminder



        “Stamps without a barcode will no longer be valid after 31 July 2023. This follows the introduction of a 6 month grace period from the initial 31 January deadline. You can either use up your non-barcoded stamps before this new deadline or swap them for the new barcoded ones. “

        Update from the Royal Mail : Know where your “old” stamps are?

        Mike L

          I can report that the system appears to work – at least, it did for me.

          Earlier this month I sent in a jumble of 70 stamps: some normal 1st and 2nd Class stamps, but also a mixture of very old stamps of odd denominations, including 7p, 18p, 38p. and even an old undenominated “euro” stamp.

          The 1st and 2nd Class stamps were exchanged on a one-for-one basis. For the others, I got back a mixture of 20p, £1 and £1.85 stamps. The total value was about £6 more than those I sent in. And it was all well within the promised seven day turnround.

          It was definitely worth the trouble of doing this, if only to get rid of all the odd stamps that I would probably never otherwise have used.



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