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      From Ethical Consumer Weekly:

      “This week, we want to draw attention to some technology which is a bit of a hero when it comes to the climate.

      While heat pumps probably won’t save you money, and upfront costs are high, if you can afford to do so then getting one installed is one of the best things you can do for the climate.”
      What is a heat pump?

      Heat pumps bring heat into your home. They can provide heating and hot water (depending on which type you buy).

      How do heat pumps work?

      Technologically, they are just fridges in reverse. They move outside heat – either from the air or from the ground – into your house.

      Are heat pumps really climate miracle technology?

      Heat pumps are astoundingly efficient, delivering three to four units of heat for each unit of electricity needed to run them.

      They can reduce your carbon footprint from heating by two-thirds or more.

      Which heat pump brand is the most ethical?

      Our new guide ranks the ethical and environmental record of 18 heat pump brands, and has some surprising findings (including the fact that all but three of the brands rated received a worst rating for their approach to Carbon Management and Reporting).

      Should I get a heat pump?

      If you’re worried about money, a heat pump is probably not an investment you want to make.

      However, if you can afford the initial investment and are able to potentially risk spending a bit more on your energy bills, and care about the climate, then the answer is 100% yes – buy a heat pump!

      It is one of the best things you can do to cut emissions and help the transition to renewables.

      Read the guide to Heat Pumps

      Includes how to find an eco friendly heat pump company. We rate the ethical and environmental record of 18 heat pump brands.

      We look at the different types of heat pumps, their efficiency and performance, environmental impact, running costs and grants, and we give our Best Buys and recommended buys. 

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