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      (This thread was started originally on the forum on the Grange Association’s old website. The comments that were added there can be read in this transcript.  Please add further comments on this forum below.)


      In 2019, the Council developed proposals for improving active travel along the route of Marchmont Road, Kilgraston Road and Blackford Avenue.  This included advisory cycle lanes (white lines) and raised crossings at junctions to prioritise pedestrians.  The vehicle route south from Kilgraston Road would permit movements only east to Grange Loan.  Vehicles would not be permitted to exit westwards from Grange Loan at Kilgraston Road, thus effectively creating gyratory vehicle movements around Grange Loan, Blackford Avenue, Oswald Road and Kilgraston Road.  This was designed to improve the safety and convenience of crossings at the junction of Grange Loan and Kilgraston Road for non-motorised road users.

      The proposals were developed as TRO/19/67 for which the proposed layouts are available in sections:

      ·         Melville Drive – Strathearn Road

      ·         Strathearn Road – Grange Loan

      ·         Grange Loan / Oswald Road (gyratory)

      ·         Grange Terrace – Charterhall Grove

      This TRO (Traffic Regulation Order) is no longer available on the Council’s website of pending Traffic Orders, so its status is unclear.  Blackford Safe Routes gave a detailed response to the proposals and this remains available on their website.  The Council’s Transport and Environment Committee still listed “Marchmont to Blackford TRO” as an “Upcoming Report” in Appendix 1 to the meeting of the Committee on 11 November 2021.

      All pending and recently enacted TROs affecting the Grange area are listed under the “TROs” tile on our Roads and Pavements page.


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