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      “Our cat Jasper has been going missing for days at a time since the summer. He’s not been seen since Tuesday 15th November, when the weather started to get wet. Someone locally must be feeding him and is maybe trying to keep him. He’s piling on weight which really worries us. I just wondered if any of your members might know of anyone feeding a large black shorthair cat, or seems to have recently acquired one.
      We’ve tried do not feed collars, trackers to see where he goes (he pulls them off), posters, Nextdoor and nobody seems to know anything, just some sightings in gardens.”


      Lenore Simson

        Hi, Jasper has come back. On advice from the Cats Protection League he’ll be kept in for a week or two. That should get him his bearings back, relearn where his real home is, and forget about whoever’s been trying to keep him.

        Please keep an eye out for people feeding or housing cats. It’s cruel, and the cat is the legal property of the owner. If you know of anyone keeping cats without the owner’s permission, they could be charged with theft.

        Whilst it’s always better to resolve these issues face to face, owners go through hell worrying about what’s happened to their pet. I would totally understand any owner pressing charges.

        Neil Robb

          Hello Lenore, very glad that Jasper has returned. Thanks also for sharing the extra advice.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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