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    Mike L

      I have just received an email from the Communications Director at Lothian Buses. The key sentence is:

      Having listened to customer feedback we will introduce some changes to the Service 9 and from Sunday 10 September, it will be re-routed via George IV Bridge, The Mound and Hanover Street (instead of South Bridge, North Bridge and Leith Street).

      So, not a full re-instatement of the old 41 route, but a definite improvement.

      I don’t have any information about where the bus will go after Hanover Street, but will post anything I come across.


      Mike L

        A bit more information ….

        As far as I can make out from the map on the Lothian site, after going down Hanover Street, the 9 will continue along Dundas Street, then turn right into Great King Street before picking up the existing route at Bellevue.

        There are also some changes to the northern end of the route around Granton and Muirhouse, but as I am not familiar with that area, I didn’t look to closely.

        No news about changes to the detailed timetable, except that they say there will be additional journeys peak hours.

        Hope this will be of interest.


        Grange Planning

          The map is here on the Lothian Buses website (under the ‘Lothian Buses’ drop-down). The grey line shows the present route that is being changed. The new summary timetable is here.

          It does mean that we will now lose the service to the Festival Theatre and the Omni, and the promise of the future closer stops to Waverley Station, once North Bridge reopens fully and the buses stop on the bridge again.  But I know we cannot have everything and I sense most people would prefer this route over the Mound.  (So it will still be a long walk to Waverley!)


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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