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    Grange Planning

      During the works on the resurfacing of Grange Loan in October 2021, the Engineer in charge of the works was helpful in sharing with us information about the processes for planning and delivering road repairs in Edinburgh.


      Later, he wrote:


      “If there are any other [streets in poor condition] you know about let me know as I am the Maintenance Engineer for the Road Operations team based in the SE and NE Area so my remit is to identify, design and deliver surfacing schemes across these areas. Our team is however, separate from Active Travel [] and our Transport Contract Design team that work on larger projects such as main arterial routes.”


      Therefore, please add, in posts below here, any streets in the Grange that you consider merit inclusion in the list for the next resurfacing or repairs projects. Ideally please include photos to demonstrate the problems.


      We will then periodically alert the Maintenance Engineer to the list on this thread and ask him to review this thread when considering which schemes to prioritise.


      Remember also that you can report faults from the “Report faults” tile on our Roads and Pavements page which gives the links to the Council’s reporting systems for street lights, drains/gullies, signage, pavements/footways, litter bins and fly-tipping, and more. But please keep the nominations in this thread below to carriageway and footway repairs only, as these are the ones that are relevant to the Road Operations team.

      Neil Robb

        Thanks, sounds like a good initiative. Certainly Lauder Road needs a resurface, no doubt at considerble cost given the width. I imagine Lauder Road is already on the list.


          St Thomas Rd must be one of the worst in the Grange.  For some reason only one section was resurfaced some years ago.


            Lauder Road as first priority .. cycling down it (it’s a steep hill) is dreadful, having to look carefully forward at the surface before anything else.

            It wasn’t in Lauder Road, but a friend broke her collarbone in three places, having hit a pothole on her bike.


              Oswald Road from Kilgraston Road to Blackford Avenue to complete the resurfacing stopped due to imminent gas upgrades a few years age.

              St Thomas

                I totally agree that both Lauder Road and St Thomas Road (2 sections) are in a dreadful state and badly need resurfaced.



                  To be fair, this thread is about six months old, but the principle remains .. and use the link in the first post to report the state of roads.


                    Probably the majority of Grange roads should need resurfacing. Our pavements are equally disgraceful


                      Resurfacing of the pavements on Blackford Road might be worthy of consideration. The south side pavement is already a serious trip hazard.

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