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      “For everyone who has a business or works for a business within or across our communities the following message has been circulated on behalf of the Scottish Business Resilience Centre. Please share the following advice as appropriate.


      We all worry about becoming the victims of crime, businesses are no different.  Its tough times for all traders at the moment and losing stock to theft or staff being abused whilst doing their job is an added pressure we could all do without. Over the past few weeks the Police Business Resilience Team at the Scottish Business Resilience Centre have carried out a number of “Days of Action” in different areas.  We have visited over 200 businesses, spoken to 300 plus people, enjoying some brilliant conversations.  Avoiding complacency and being risk aware reduces risk. Please take a second to read over Police Scotland’s top 10 tips for businesses.


      I would add another – Look after your staff, they are the beating heart of every business, and they have their own concerns at the moment. As well as selling products they do an amazing job in supporting some of our most vulnerable residents. Often a visit to the shops is the only human contact people have, being able to share a concern or a laugh is so important. “It takes a whole community to create community safety, shop staff are a vital part of this jigsaw”.


      1.  Conduct a risk assessment. This will look at the threats the organisation might face and how likely they are. This will look at existing and potential vulnerabilities and the impact of any breaches of security.

      2. If you are expanding, think about security from the planning stage. It will be cheaper and more effective than adding measures in later.

      3. Make security awareness a part of the organisation’s culture. Make sure staff are kept informed and that security standards are fully supported at a senior level.

      4. Make sure there is good housekeeping throughout the premises. Keep public areas tidy and well-lit. Remove and unnecessary furniture and keep garden areas clear.

      5. Keep access points to a minimum. Issue staff and visitors with passes. Do not allow unauthorised vehicles close to the building.

      6. Install security such as locks, alarms, CCTV surveillance, complementary lighting and glazing protection.

      7. Have mail-handling procedures. Set up a mailroom away from the main premises.

      8. When recruiting staff or contractors, check their identities and follow up on their references.

      9. Look at how best to protect information. Take proper IT security precautions. Ensure there are provisions to getting rid of confidential waste.

      10. Plan and rehearse business continuity. Have plans to deal with incidents. Make sure that key business areas can continue when there are disruptions.


      Have a great week, check out our website or Police Scotland’s advice and information pages. ”


      Keith Jack

      Police Sergeant – Scottish Business Resilience Centre

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