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      “Listen to a fraudulent helpline

      A new bank scam text is circulating to trick HSBC customers into giving away sensitive details. It attempts to capitalise on routine security texts. The message includes the phrase ‘If this wasn’t you, call us immediately on …’, but don’t, it’s a fraudulent helpline.

      It asks you to input your bank details or customer identification number before being supposedly put through to an ‘adviser’. Listen to what a fraudulent helpline sounds like.

      Fraudulent helpline

      ‘A hacker contacted Barclays and gained access to my account’
      It’s always good to regularly check your bank account activity. We heard from someone who noticed changes to their bank account details that set alarm bells ringing. Somehow the fraudsters contacted their bank, passed the security checks, changed their address and requested replacement debit cards.

      It’s always worrying that a scammer can get that far. Find out what happened and read our expert advice with the steps to take should you ever find yourself in this situation.

      Suspicious account activity

      There’s now a much easier way to make us aware of scams directly with our scam sharer tool. Tell us your experiences of phishing emails, fake texts, cold calls and other types of fraud.

      Stay safe,

      Which? Scam Alert team

      PS Please share this information with your friends, family and neighbours – anyone who may find it helpful. Alternatively, they can sign up here to receive this directly to their inbox. ”


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