Planning Applications 2014

The table below shows all applications for planning permission (FUL), listed building consent (LBC), and certificates of lawfulness (CLP/CLE) in the Grange Association area, for which the initial application was made in 2014 (i.e. reference 14/….).

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Description – Click the description for link to application Reference Address Date Validated Status Objection Deadline GA Action
Erection of green, wire mesh fencing along a section of the Grange Loan wall. 14/05130/FUL Carlton Cricket Club, 180 Grange Loan 18 Dec 2014 Pending 30 Jan 2014
Form new window to front, alter and replace window to front and side and remove internal wall at lower ground floor. 14/05179/LBC & 14/05178/FUL 39A Lauder Road 15 Dec 2014 Pending 30 Jan 2014
Remove existing sun room and coal shed. Alter and extend existing house. 14/05107/LBC 28 Mansionhouse Road 10 Dec 2014 Pending 30 Jan 2014
Creation of dormer window to rear elevation of property. 14/04984/FUL 4 Dick Place 2 Dec 2014 Pending 9 Jan 2015
Erect a timber rolling roof enclosure to house an astronomical telescope with an adjacent warm room in rear garden. 14/04919/FUL 11 Cumin Place 27 Nov 2014 Granted 2 Jan 2015
Removal of existing non load bearing wall between kitchen and bedroom to form enlarged kitchen. Removal of existing door to bedroom and building up half height wall and half height glass. 14/04455/LBC 36 Grange Loan 4 Nov 2014 Granted 12 Dec 2014
Form new single-storey extension. [New application] 14/04449/FUL 3B South Lauder Road 6 Nov 2014 Granted 12 Dec 2014 Object
Form glazed dormer to rear and formation of velux rooflights to front of building. 14/04643/FUL 52 Grange Road 7 Nov 2014 Granted 12 Dec 2014 Object
Install slim-line double glazing to existing sash windows and replace aluminium windows with timber dounble glazed slim-line windows to match existing windows. 14/04464/LBC 14 Grange Loan Gardens 29 Oct 2014 Granted 19 Nov 2014
Retro-fit slim-line double glazing into original 4 windows (8 sashes in total). Also rebuild/replace another 5 windows (10 sashes in total) to incorporate slim line double glazing to match existing original windows situated at the front of the property. 14/04251/LBC 14 Grange Loan Gardens 22 Oct 2014 Granted 21 Nov 2014
Astroturf in place of lawn Supplement to 14/00709/ENCOMP 20 Mansionhouse Road 4 Nov 2014 Council applying for a warrant in order to gain access Email
Unauthorised construction of path along south side of building 14/00709/ENCOMP 20 Mansionhouse Road 4 Nov 2014 Reported alleged infringement
Erection of a new three-storey, research and office building and associated ancillary development. Minor works to internal roads and footpaths to improve vehicular and pedestrian movement and a SUDS infiltration field 14/04082/FUL Royal Observatory Blackford Hill 24 Oct 2014 Pending 21 Nov 2014 No action since little or no effect on the Grange
Form a driveway and remove part of garden wall. 14/04123/FUL 4 St Catherine’s Place 13 Oct 2014 Granted 21 Nov 2014 Object
Use of premises as retail shop (Class 1). 14/04219/CLE 116 – 120 Causewayside 20 Oct 2014 Granted 10 Nov 2014
Remove existing conservatory and replace with new sunroom extension. New side door/platt/steps to give access to garage and existing steps to garden. Replace existing cupola with new flat rooflight. 14/03986/FUL 16 Dalrymple Crescent 21 Oct 2014 Granted 21 Nov 2014
Replace thirteen wooden window sashes (top and bottom) with wooden double glazed units. All replacement windows will follow the exact same pattern as the original sashes, plus additional (Ventrolla) draught proofing measures. – New application 14/04094/CLP 19 Tantallon Place 10 Oct 2014 Granted 31 Oct 2014
Internal alterations to lower ground floor including the removal of a load bearing wall to form a kitchen/ dining room and the enlargement of the existing toilet to form a shower-room. 14/04140/LBC 61 Fountainhall Road 14 Oct 2014 Granted 14 Nov 2014
One and a half storey extension to existing house to form enlarged drawing room, new bedroom/ensuite and enlarged first floor bedroom/ensuite. Extension at kitchen to provide new vestibule. Lower cill level to two windows facing rear garden. Internal alterations. 14/04001/LBC & 14/04042/FUL 40 Dick Place 6 Oct 2014 Granted 7 Nov 2014
Alterations to utility room to enlarge existing windows. 14/04040/FUL 38 Hope Terrace 7 Oct 2014 Granted 7 Nov 2014
Alleged unauthorised construction of driveway and hard-standing 14/00652/EOPDEV 59 Grange Road 10 Oct 2014 Notice served to remove drive by 12 Oct 2015 Reported alleged infringement
Remove existing timber sash and case windows and timber door and replace with timber, white-painted, double-glazed, sash and case windows and timber double-glazed door. 14/03984/CLP 18 St Thomas Road 3 Oct 2014 Granted 24 Oct 2014
Form an extension to the rear of the property and alter the existing property including forming new dormer windows, cupola and rooflights. 14/03966/FUL 6 Mansionhouse Road 1 Oct 2014 Granted 31 Oct 2014 Object
Alleged unauthorised removal of tree and alleged breach in wall wider than permitted 14/00629/ENCOMP 20 Mansionhouse Road 26 Sep 2014 No action Reported alleged infringement
Alteration to lower ground floor to increase ceiling height from 2m to 2.5. Opening up of rear (garden) facade with new glazed doors. Conversion of floor into open plan family space with kitchen and dining areas. 14/03852/FUL 15 Dalrymple Crescent 24 Sep 2014 Granted 24 Oct 2014
Retain the change of use from Class 4 to Class 10 (Provision of Education). 14/03805/LBC &14/03822/FUL 86-92 Causewayside 24 Sep 2014 Granted 15 Oct 2014
Replacement of eight windows 14/03619/FUL 23 Lauder Road 8 Sep 2014 Granted 10 Oct 2014 Object
Removal of existing lean-to and erection of new engineered hardwood conservatory extension. 14/03699/FUL 14 Grange Road 12 Sep 2014 Granted 26 Sep 2014
Replace ten existing wooden window sashes with wooden double glazed units to match existing original sashes and additional (ventrolla) draught roofing measures. 14/03640/CLP 19 Tantallon Place 9 Sep 2014 Granted 30 Sep 2014
Remove existing conservatory and replace with proposed garden room. 14/03544/FUL 8 Blackford Avenue 2 Sep 2014 Granted 3 Oct 2014
install four MK06 conservation style velux windows in the existing pitched slate roofs. 14/03193/FUL 34 Mansionhbouse Road 28 Aug 2014 Granted 26 Sep 2014
Proposed alterations including new stair, new open plan kitchen/dining area and new glazed doors in lieu of existing windows. 14/03232/FUL & 14/03231/LBC 4 Glenisla Gardens 12 Aug 2014 Granted 4 Sep 2014
Attic conversion with rooftop extension to rear 14/02812/FUL 16 Relugas Road 10 Jul 2014 Granted 5 Aug 2014
Attic conversion with rooftop extension to rear. 14/02811/FUL 18 Relugas Road 10 Jul 2014 Granted 5 Aug 2014
Proposed chimney alterations at rear of property to reduce chimney in height. 14/03772/LBC 19 Grange Road 17 Sep 2014 Granted 17 Oct 2014
Proposed chimney alterations at rear of property 14/02893/FUL 19 Grange Road 16 Jul 014 Granted 8 Aug 2014
New single storey extension to the side of exisiting divided villa to form new entrance to upper flat. 14/02815/FUL 36A Lauder Road 10 Jul 2014 Amended then granted 15 Aug 2014 Object
Form 2 houses from 1 house and ancillary accommodation, ancillary accommodation to become second house. 14/02801/FUL & 14/02801/LBC 46 Grange Road 9 Jul 2014 Granted 8 Aug 2014
Demolish existing garage and erect new side extension. 14/02800/FUL 35 Lauder Road 9 Jul 2014 Granted 8 Aug 2014
Alterations to landscaping at the front of the property. New entrance gates proposed. 14/02724/FUL 27 Mansionhouse Road 4 Jul 2014 Granted 8Aug 2014 Object
Formation of dormer with balcony to rear of building. Addition of several velux windows on roof all as previous lapsed application 10/01509/FUL 14/02671/FUL 33 West Relugas Road 3 Jul 2014 Granted 30 Jul 2014
Non Material Variation to 10/02912/FUL to reposition the patio door moved to middle of wall, to increase the size of the rooflight from 1200x1200mm to 1800mm x 1200mm and change the materials from timber to powder coated metal. To remove the timber mullions from in-between the three windows on the rear elevation. 10/02912/VAR3 108 Grange Loan 24 Jul 2014 Vary consent 14 Aug 2014 Object
Non Material Variation to 10/02912/FUL. 10/02912/VAR2 108 Grange Loan 4 Jul 2014 Vary consent 25 Jul 2014 Object
Excavations and new foundations apparently without planning permission 14/00401/EOPDEV[See 14/00652/EOPDEV] 59 Grange Road 4 Jul 2014 Excavation is for collapsed drain Reported alleged infringement
Increase size of existing window to rear of property and replace window on side elevation to match adjacent existing windows. 14/02501/LBC 38 Lauder Road 20 Jun 2014 Granted 18 Jul 2014
Erect a garden shed at the rear of the dwelling house to replace two existing sheds. 14/02221/FUL 18 Mansionhouse Road 23 Jun 2014 Granted 18 Jul 2014
Hard and soft landscape works include new metal railings and gates to the street frontage, masonry boundary wall repairs, alterations to the existing vehicular access driveway including new surface finish and extents and several tree removals. 14/02371/FUL 20 Mansionhouse Road 12 Jun 2014 Granted 11 Jul 2014 Object and write to councillors
Proposed conservatory, side extension and house alterations. Remove existing w/c, side extension and sheds. 14/02290/FUL 2 St Albans Road 12 Jun 2014 Granted 11 Jul 2014
Erect extension to rear of property, alter existing window into new doorway and install en-suite on first floor of building. 14/02344/LBC [See 14/04449/FUL] 3B South Lauder Road 10 Jun 2014 Pending 11 Jul 2014 Object and write to committee
Instal P.V. Panels on outshot roof & CCTV cameras on front, side & back elevations. 14/01728/FUL 16 Cumin Place 4 Jun 2014 Granted 25 Jun 2014
Single storey flat roof (with glass cupola) extension to rear of property. Install velux windows in existing roof. Form driveway hardstanding for off-street parking for one car. 14/02148/FUL 2 Sciennes Gardens 2 Jun 2014 Granted after minor amendment 27 Jun 2014 Object and write to committee
Reinstate sash and case window to west elevation and erect painted galvanised metal gates to driveway. 14/02111/LBC 54 Fountainhall Road 27 May 2014 Granted 27 Jun 2014
Erect a small garden room to be sited at the bottom right-hand side of the garden. 14/02037/FUL 32A Lauder Road 22 May 2014 Granted 20 Jun 2014
Form new single storey, ground floor extension to existing part ground and first floor house. 14/01787/FUL 16 Blackford Road 19 May 2014 Granted 20 Jun 2014
Alteration and extension of existing dwelling house. 14/01928/FUL 15 Cumin Place 15 May 2014 Granted 13 Jun 2014 Object and write to committee
Remove existing privet hedge and replace with traditional sandstone wall that matches retaining boundary wall. 14/01787/FUL 5 South Lauder Road 8 May 2014 Granted 6 Jun 2014
Application for extension to consent 11/01625/FUL to demolish garage / replace with roofed garage and playroom. 14/01746/FUL 30 Mansionhouse Road 7 May 2014 Granted 6 Jun 2014 Object
Renewal of consent for application 08/03423/FUL – construction of a new garage and driveway to improve access to an existing house for a wheelchair user. 14/01712/FUL 6 Oswald Road 5 May 2014 Granted 6 Jun 2014
Replace door to rear of building, alter windows at rear of property to form new doors. 14/01669/LBC 9 Glenisla Gardens 1 May 2014 Granted 30 May 2014
Alleged unauthorised erection of fence and shed within front garden 14/00249/EOPDEV 37a Lauder Road 24 Apr 2014 Fence to be removed & shed moved Reported alleged infringement
Build porch over front door, raise the front path between the door and gate by 430mm to allow for disabled access, included re-positioning the front door and putting a ramp down to the current path. 14/01442/FUL 41 Canaan Lane 11 Apr 2014 Granted 16 May 2014
Light pollution from security light 14/00211/EOPDEV (Enforcement) 4B Chalmers Crescent 3 Apr 2014 Not enforcement issue
Retain the work to carry out internal alterations to create new bathroom within existing bedroom and alter current bathroom to form en-suite shower room. 14/01261/LBC(Retrospective) 47 Lauder Road 2 Apr 2014 Permission not required 2 May 2014
Replace freestanding, standard timber garden shed (apex roof with felt lining) with new timber garden shed 14/01227/LBC &14/01226/FUL 31 Mansionhouse Road 31 Mar 2014 Granted 21 Apr 2014
Internal alterations to flat to restore proportions of rear room and form lounge/kitchen. 14/01174/LBC PF3 7 Sciennes House Place 26 Mar 2014 Granted 25 Apr 2014
Internal slapping between kitchen & dining room. 14/01151/LBC 59 Dick Place 25 Mar 2014 Granted 25 Apr 2014
Change of use from a residential flat to an office 14/00922/FUL 28B Dick Place 10 Mar 2014 Granted 11 Apr 2014
Change of use, alteration and extension of existing school building to form 10 residential flats. 14/00866/FUL &14/00868/CON 91 South Oswald Road 5 Mar 2014 Granted 11 Apr 2014 Object
Erect extension to the south-west, new glazed roof on entrance courtyard, new glazing to principal entrance vestibule and alter windows into doors. 14/00594/FUL &14/00593/LBC 5 & 5A Whitehouse Terrace 28 Feb 2014 Granted after deletion of garden room 4 Apr 2014 Object
Replace single glazed windows with slimlite double glazing in existing timber frames. 14/00757/LBC 3/123 Grange Loan 25 Feb 2014 Granted 18 Mar 2014
Proposal is for a change of use flat to office use during normal working hours 14/00679/FUL Flat 28 18 Lauder Road 24 Feb 2014 Withdrawn 18 Mar 2014
Removal of window etc. to create French doors, external landing and steps. 14/00652/FUL 35 Grange Terrace 20 Feb 2014 Granted 21 Mar 2014
Attic conversion with a dormer and rooflights to front and rear. Removal of chimney. One window and door to be blocked up with light being brought from two rooflights above. 14/00609/FUL 24 Grange Crescent 18 Feb 2014 Granted 21 Mar 2014
Addition of 3 velux windows to parts of the roof and the enlargement of an existing dormer, which is to be doubled in size, in the upper floor bedroom on the garden elevation, 13/05278/FUL 12 Mortonhall Road 17 Feb 2014 Granted 14 Mar 2014
Extension to existing kitchen outshot, replacement of existing French doors and alteration of existing window into new French doors. 14/00608/FUL 4 Hatton Place 17 Feb 2014 Granted 21 Mar 2014
Replace windows, demolish lean-to store structure and erect new side extension, widen driveway access and alterations. 14/00494/FUL 15 Mansionhouse Road 11 Feb 2014 Granted 14 Mar 2014 Object
Alter and extend one and a half extension to existing house new link to ground floor. Lower existing cills to garden elevation and fit new velux conservation style roof windows. Remove three trees and adopt landscape. 14/00446/LBC &14/00447/FUL 40 Dick Place 7 Feb 2014 Withdrawn 7 Mar 2014 Object
Single storey extension to the rear, sun-room and store to garden, new pedestrian access formed and new cast-iron railings and gates. 14/00368/FUL 15 Cumin Place 3 Feb 2014 Granted 7 Mar 2014 Object
Extend and alter existing rear extension with internal alterations and remove coal store. 14/00371/LBC &14/00371/FUL 28 Mansionhouse Road 3 Feb 2014 Granted 7 Mar 2014 Object
Form new dormer to south (rear) elevation and new rooflights to north. 14/00351/FUL 52 Grange Road 31 Jan 2014 Granted 28 Feb 2014
Internally applied Plum Vinyl ATM surround with the words “Free Cash Withdrawals 14/00325/ADV 72-80 Causewayside 29 Jan 2014 Granted 19 Feb 2014
Erect side extension to ground floor flat 14/00261/FUL 1/6 Dalrymple Crescent 24 Jan 2014 Granted 21 Feb 2014
Demolish garage, former outbuildings and coal cellars and construct rear extension to form enlarged kitchen/family room and build new detached garage 13/04894/FUL 50 Grange Road 16 Jan 2014 Granted 14 Feb 2014
Construction of dwelling house (further renewal of consent 04/00069/FUL). 14/00145/FUL 17 Cumin Place 15 Jan 2014 Refused 21 Feb 2014
Relocate kitchen to altered space in basement. Erect storm-porch to rear of house. 14/00192/FUL&14/00192/LBC 12 Glenisla Gardens 20 Jan 2014 Granted 21 Feb 2014
Non Material Variation to 13/04161/FUL to amend the window detailing to the front and side elevation of the extension. 13/04161/VARY 20 Mansionhouse Road 14 Jan 2014 Vary consent 4 Feb 1014
Replace door assembly to rear outshot and alter rear dormer to form door opening with balcony. 14/00099/FUL 58 St Albans Road 10 Jan 2014 Mixed decision 14 Feb 2014
Single storey extension to rear of dwelling, conversion of existing utility room annexe to rear of building, new rooflights and internal alterations. 14/00009/LBC 38 Lauder Road 3 Jan 2014 Granted 31 Jan 2014