Planning Applications 2016

The table below shows all applications for planning permission (FUL), listed building consent (LBC), and certificates of lawfulness (CLP/CLE) in the Grange Association area, for which the initial application was made in 2016 (i.e. reference 16/….).

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Description – Click the description for link to application Reference Address Date Validated    Status Objection Deadline GA Action
Attic conversion to roof space above flat 5 Formation of new inset roof terrace to south facing roof pitch and 1no. new velux window. Formation of 3no. new velux windows to north facing roof pitch. 16/06238/FUL Flat 5 41 Mortonhall Road 20Dec 2016 Pending 3 Feb 2017
Altering the boundary walls of the existing entrance from Canaan Lane to create level access for disabled people. 16/05881/FUL The Priory 37 Canaan Lane 5 Dec 2016 Pending 6 Jan 2017
Spreading of thin layer (3-5mm) of fine grained aggregate dust and laying of weed suppressant matting with grass appearance within domestic garden ground up to a maximum of 255sqm. 16/05580/CLP 20 Mansionhouse Road 29 Nov 2016 Pending 20 Dec 2016
Non material variation to 16/00168/FUL: Alterations to width of proposed rear doors. 16/00168/VARY 19 Dick Place 2 Dec 2016 Pending 23 Dec 2016
Erection of new single storey extension to rear of existing dwelling. Install new Photovoltaic panels to roof of extension. 16/05298/FUL 172 Whitehouse Loan 31 Oct 2016 Withdrawn 4 Dec 2016 Object
Unauthorised building work 16/00657/EOPDEV 12 St Thomas Road 28 Nov 2016 Pending Reported to Enforcement
Replacement of existing rear double glazed window with new painted timber double glazed door and fanlight above. The stone wall below the existing window is to be carefully removed and the new door opening at low level made good with stone from the downtakings with matching pointing. No external step is required as the finished floor level is 15cm above the external ground level. Please refer to the existing and proposed plan and elevation drawings. 16/05434/CLP PF2 1 Sciennes Hill Place 14 Nov 2016 Granted 5 Dec 2016
Single storey extension to existing house to form enlarged lounge. 16/05300/FUL 141 Grange Loan 31 Oct 2016 Granted 09 Dec 2016
Alterations to ground floor rear of existing house and single storey extension to rear of property. 16/05191/FUL 36 St Alban’s Road 25 Oct 2016 Granted 25 Nov 2016
Construction of a new garage within the garden and alterations to the boundary wall. 16/05166/LBC & 16/05146/FUL 17 St Thomas Road 24 Oct 2016 Granted 25 Nov 2016 Comment
Unauthorised construction within the garden. 16/00607/EOPDEV 9 Relugas Road 28 Oct 2016 Pending Reported to Enforcement
Replacement windows – double glazed timber sash and case windows. 16/04866/LBC 1F1 3 Grange Road 10 Oct 2016 Granted 18 Nov 2016
Replace said storage building/outhouse. To rebuild in same space a storage building with wooden frame and door leading to garden. internal door connecting garage to said storage building.              16/04757/FUL & 16/04759/LBC 13 Tantallon Place 10 Oct 2016 Granted 11 Nov 2016 Object
Change damaged gate to rear garden, adjust size of existing path, resurface with sandstone paving and fit new traditional edge stone. Replace existing damaged threshold stone at property entrance gate and fit lighting. 16/04781/FUL 36 Mansionhouse Road 05 Oct 2016 Granted 4 Nov 2016
New gas pipe into house 16/04505/LBC 9A Palmerston Road 16 Sep 2016 LBC not needed 21 Oct 2016
New proposed shed to private rear garden of the property. 16/04457/FUL GF 18 Strathearn Road 14 Sep 2016 Granted 28 Oct 2016
Build full length side extension, internal alterations including reconfiguration of stair, forming showing room on ground floor level. Enlarging of existing window and door opening on side elevation to accommodate new side extension. Installation of conservation rooflights. 16/04351/FUL & 16/04288/LBC 3B Chalmers Crescent 08 Sep 2016 Modified and granted 21 Oct 2016 Object
Alterations to existing outshot at rear of property at garden level. 16/04275/FUL 47A Grange Road 08 Sep 2016 Granted 21 Oct 2016
Formation of new window on east gable and replacement of window on west elevation of rear offshoot with full height door and widen existing driveway entrance. 16/04036/FUL 33 Canaan Lane 06 Sep 2016 Mixed Decision
Reinstate original bathroom ceiling and fit insulation in void in joists and above. false ceiling to ceiling to comply with Fire and Sound regulations. Submit revised plans showing details of the false ceiling. 16/04305/FUL 10 South Lauder Road 6 Sep 2016 Not development 27 Sep 2016
Non material variation to 15/05296/FUL. 15/05296/VARY 17 Findhorn Place 30 Aug 2016 Varied 20 Sep 2016
Change of use from Class 4 (Office) to Class 2 (Doctors Surgery). 16/04029/FUL 11-15 Kittle Yards 23 Aug 2016 Granted 28 Sep 2016
Removal of existing wall and installation of sliding glass timber framed doors to rear. 16/03717/CLP 12 Cumin Place 3 Aug 2016 Granted 24 Aug 2016
To replace the existing 2 small Kitchen windows with 3 larger windows 16/02563/FUL 8 South Lauder Road 20 May 2016 Not development 10 Jun 2016
Alter small section of stone boundary wall fronting Dick Place. 16/03911/FUL 23A Dick Place 19 Aug 2016 Granted 23 Sep 2016
New 2 storey extension and internal alterations. 16/03824/FUL 4 Blackford Road 5 Aug 2016 Granted 9 Sep 2016
Internal alterations to utility room and alter existing rear door to form double glazed timber window. 16/03748/FUL & 16/03740/LBC 21 Grange Road 1 Aug 2016 Granted 9 Sep 2016
Remove existing non-original and heavily sloping fence wall between front and back garden and fit new cedar slatted screen fence in place. Minor hardscaping alterations 16/03815/FUL 36 Mansionhouse Road 04 Aug 2016 Withdrawn 9 Sep 2016
Install new window in garden level storage area below flat. 16/03769/FUL Flat 1, 121 Grange Loan 01 Aug 2016 Granted 2 Sep 2016
Proposed internal alterations to ground floor study to create new shower room. 16/03661/LBC 4 Mortonhall Road 22 Jul 2016 Granted 26 Aug 2016
Replace existing aluminium framed single glazed window units and patio doors on rear with double glazed aluminium window and patio doors to match existing  16/03435/CLP Flat 5, 7 South Oswald Road 8 Jul 2016 Granted 11 Aug 2016
Extend existing garage and form living accommodation within, as annex to 9 Blackford Road. 16/03486/FUL 9 Blackford Road – Garage East of 1 Whitehouse Terrace 13 Jul 2016 Pending 19 Aug 2016 Object
Proposed removal of existing rear window with the installation of new double door access with associated access landing and treated timber staircase. 16/03387/FUL 72 Findhorn Place 6 Jul 2016 Granted 27 Jul 2016
Single storey extension and external alterations, french balcony with glass balustrade to existing house. 16/03295/FUL 15 Eden Lane 1 Jul 2016 Granted 12 Aug 2016
Install new Velux rooflight over staircase to front elevation. Install 3 no. Velux Sun Tunnels to rear roof pitch. Externally install new bespoke Wendy house and garden swing. 16/03034/FUL 9 Wyvern Park 30 Jun 2016 Granted 5 Aug 2016
Partial removal of existing wall between kitchen and dining rooms  16/02980/LBC 3A Grange Terrace 15 Jun 2016 Granted 15 Jul 2016
I wish to remove an existing asbestos flue and replace it with a stone chimney to match the stone of the existing house. 16/02988/CLE 4 Dalrymple Crescent 15 Jun 2016 Granted 6 Jul 2016
Installation of a bt broadband cabinet which provides super-fast fibre optic broadband to the area – on behalf of the bduk scotland program. 16/02983/LBC 5 Metres North of 3 Oswald Road 13 Jun 2016 Granted 15 Jul 2016
Application in principle to develop former Blackford Hill Station site to sheltered housing development. 16/02719/PPP Land 15m South of 38 Blackford Avenue (The Cat Clinic) 30 May 2016 Withdrawn 5 Jul 2016 Object
Two storey side extension to dwelling. 16/02674/FUL 11 Relugas Gardens 26 May 2016 Granted 30 Jun 2016
Convert attic to alter existing top floor flat into 6-bedroom duplex flat, including provision of new conservation rooflights front and rear. 16/02654/CLP 3F1 14 Fountainhall Road 25 May 2016 Granted 15 Jun 2016
Replace existing windows and French doors with uPVC windows and doors. – 86 Grange Loan Edinburgh EH9 2EP 16/02247/FUL 86 Grange Loan 3 May 2016 Refused 3 Jun 2016 Object
Replacement of three first floor bedroomwindows with double-glazed equivalent windows, Erection of a garden shed to replace one which had to be demolished. 16/01956/CLP 15 St Catherine’s Place 15 Apr 2016 Refused (because of lack of information) 25 May 2016
Single storey extension to lower ground floor together with alterations to existing windows to form french doors, new porch to new rear door on west elevation. 16/01265/FUL GF 31 Blackford Road EH9 2DT 9 Mar 2016 Granted 3 Jun 2016 Object
Non-material variation 16/01265/VARY 06 May 2019 Permission has been varied 08 May 2019 Variation – not for comment
Non-material variation 16/01265/VAR2 03 Sep 2019 Permission has been varied 21 Oct 2019 Variation – not for comment
Replacement rooflights to west elevation, minor internal alterations, new bike store to north elevation and new timber sash and case windows to replace non-original existing window on east elevation. 16/02002/FUL 11 Tantallon Place 18 Apr 2016 Granted 27 May 2016
Convert existing garage (with access from Whitehouse Terrace) into single storey dwelling, and extend to rear and side. 16/01699/FUL Garage 12m East of 1 Whitehouse Terrace 31 Mar 2016 Withdrawn 27 May 2016 Object
Replace existing single glazed timber sash and case windows with double glazed timber sash and case windows. 16/01829/LBC 23 Grange Road 7 Apr 2016 Granted 20 May 2016 Comment
Remove an existing window within the kitchen, enlarge the opening suitable for timber french doors utilizing the existing lintel. Form a new timber deck and steps with access from the kitchen via the french doors. 16/01808/FUL 60 Findhorn Place 6 Apr 2016 Granted 16 May 2016
alterations to existing windows to door and extend windows flat. 16/01620/FUL Flat 1, 7 Relugas Road 24 Mar 2016 Granted 6 May 2016
Erect 25 square metre timber cabin for outdoor training. 16/01736/FUL Royal Blind School 43 Canaan Lane 1 Apr 2016 Granted 6 May 2016
Attic conversion with rooftop extension to rear. Enlargement of kitchen window. 16/01643/FUL 18 Relugas Road 25 Mar 2016 Granted 2 May 2016
New detached oak framed, single storey, 2 -bay carport with garden store within the curtilage of the existing dwelling house. 16/01654/FUL 20 Blackford Road 29 Mar 2016 Granted 29 Apr 2016
Replace failed existing polycarbonate sheeting on sloping sections of conservatory roof with single ply membrane (Sarna) on plywood sheeting with faux lead rolls – colour to match existing lead flat roof. Internal construction to be Kingspan insulation fitted between roof bearers-air gap-12.5mm insulated plasterboard with Ames taping to joints. 16/01615/FUL 117 Grange Loan 29 Mar 2016 Granted 29 Apr 2016
To replace a garden hut on the back wall of our property with a new glasshouse. The proposal is within the same footprint size of current The proposed glasshouse has a design provided by Hartley Botanic and is included in this application. 16/01547/FUL 45 Dick Place 18 Mar 2016 Granted 29 Apr 2016
The installation of 12 conservation Velux windows 15/05810/CLP 7 Blackford Road 18 Mar 2016 Granted 8 Apr 2016
Proposed window replacement. 16/01538/FUL 2 St Alban’s Road 21 Mar 2016 Not development 29 Apr 2016
Roof alterations including formation of amended dormer window and raising ridge line. (as amended) 16/01451/FUL 45 Dick Place 17 Mar 2016 Granted 29 Apr 2016
Replace non original railings with period cast iron railings and gate. 16/01502/FUL 30 Dick Place 18 Mar 2016 Granted 29 Apr 2016
Erect a summer house in the North East corner of the garden The summer house will be a standard 7′ x 7′ .The fabric is redwood with a felt roof and the wood will be finished with a Redwood woodstain.  16/00942/FUL 5 Dalrymple Crescent 2 Mar 2016 Granted 15 Apr 2016
Proposal to alter dwelling house with by rebuilding the first floor and replacing the existing conservatory as well as internal renovations. Plus the creation of a unheated garden sun room of less than 30sqm and the creation of an arts studio ancillary to the dwelling house. 16/01224/FUL 9 Relugas Road 9 Mar 2016 Pending 8 Apr 2016 Object
Erection of timber clad summer house. 16/01128/FUL 10 Blackford Road 7 Mar 2016 Granted 8 Apr 2016
Internal alterations to form an en-suite shower room, alter an existing bedroom access, alter a wc to form a shower room. 16/01319/LBC 49 Grange Road 14 Mar 2016 Granted 15 Apr 2016
Internal alterations to form an en-suite shower room, alter an existing bedroom access and alter a wc to form a shower room. 16/01308/LBC 49 Lauder Road 11 Mar 2016 Withdrawn 15 Apr 2016
Erection of a vestibule to the rear elevation of the property connecting an existing door and a proposed new door. The vestibule will replicate the footprint and massing of a loggia previously removed at this location. 16/01123/FUL & 16/01122/LBC 36 Dick Place 7 Mar 2016 Granted 28 Mar 2016
To erect a secure garden hut for the purpose of storing bicycles in the front garden of the property. 16/00923/FUL 87 St Alban’s Road 29 Feb 2016 Granted 24 Mar 2016
Subdivision of residential planning unit to create two separate residential planning units, (one at 171 Whitehouse Loan and one at 1 Whitehouse Terrace), and erection of a fence.  16/00786/FUL 171 Whitehouse Loan / 1 Whitehouse Terrace 18 Feb 2016 Granted 25 Mar 2016
Internal alterations to form open plan kitchen/dining/living room; enlarge existing glazed opening and balcony to rear; new timber pergola to garden to replace existing greenhouse. 16/00798/FUL & 16/00799/LBC 26 Mansionhouse Road 19 Feb 2016 Mixed 25 Mar 2016
Alter and extend dwelling house. 16/00662/FUL 7 Sciennes Gardens 11 Feb 2016 Granted 18 Mar 2016
Block up non-original door. Re-locate fixed cupboards. Isolated electrics to bedroom / dressing room. 16/00592/LBC 2 Oswald Road 8 Feb 2016 Not required 11 Mar 2016
Internal alterations to existing ground floor extension and renovation of existing extension façade. 16/00387/FUL 8 Strathearn Road 28 Jan 2016 Granted 4 Mar 2016
Proposed conversion of attic with rear dormer extension and alterations to dwelling house. 16/00326/FUL 17 West Relugas Road 27 Jan 2016 Granted 29 Feb 2016
Extend and alter existing shop. 16/00297/FUL 36 Blackford Avenue 25 Jan 2016 Granted 24 Feb 2016
Removal of existing garage. Construction of new single storey extension. Internal and external alterations to existing house. Landscaping works to front and rear. New gates to front boundary wall. 16/00168/FUL 19 Dick Place 16 Jan 2016 Granted 12 Feb 2016
Rear extension to existing ground floor flat. 16/00170/FUL 56 Relugas Road 15 Jan 2016 Granted 9 Feb 2016
Front garden to western end of property to be converted to new SUDS compliant drive of equal size to existing. Entrance widened by 25%. New security gates. Existing drive to be sealed and converted to garden. 5 trees to be removed and replaced with 7 semi-mature specimens maintaining privacy with No.58. Paths, lawns and planting to be enhanced. Storage space for waste and recycling. 16/00077/FUL 56 St Alban’s Road 15 Jan 2016 Granted 12 Feb 2016 Comment
Demolition of porch at rear of above property and installation of replacement back door. 16/00002/FUL 102A Findhorn Place 2 Jan 2016 Granted 5 Feb 2016
New single storey extension to rear. Attic conversion with side and rear dormer windows and velux’s on front elevation. 15/05598/FUL & 15/05599/LBC 3B South Lauder Road 9 Dec 2015 Granted 12 Feb 2016
Proposed glass link corridor between main dwellinghouse and the annex guest accomodation adjacent.(as amended) 15/04362/LBC & 15/04364/FUL 36 Dick Place 22 Sep 2015 Granted 16 Jan 2016